These Zodiac Signs Won’t Have To Worry About This Weekend’s Chaotic New Moon

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This weekend will bring yet another new moon, this time in the mysterious, dark sign of Scorpio. Astrologically, when a new moon falls in any sign, it means that people who are sensitive to the energy of that sign will have an emotionally complex and potentially transformative period of time ahead of them — and the people who aren't sensitive to the energy of that sign will have a fine time. The Oct. 27 new moon in Scorpio isn't any different. It will be a great opportunity to power down and take it easy for everyone, but especially for the zodiac signs that the October new moon will affect the least. If you fall in this category, you'll luckily have a chance to revel in an eventless night where everything is actually pretty OK.

Scorpio energy has the ability to amplify certain relationships and feelings in some signs, making Scorpio season an exhausting time for all of us on some level. Because feelings and expectations are heightened, it's easier to get our feelings hurt, misspeak, or to feel discouraged. During Scorpio season, casual conversations with friends and loved ones can appear to have higher stakes than usual, and it takes more effort to express yourself mindfully. So, to be a zodiac sign that won't be affected by this struggle? Total blessing.

Bustle talked to astrologer Kyle Thomas about which zodiac signs might get a break during this new moon. According to Thomas, these are the signs that he predicts will unplug from the intensity and be only concerned with manageable emotional and physical tasks.


"This new moon will have you focusing on what you give and receive in your relationships, and it gives you a window to actually find a better balance," Thomas tells Bustle. Aka, the October new moon is going to give you a chance to work on your relationship and quite frankly you really need this reminder.



"You’ll be feeling fairly sensitive at this new moon, which highlights your home and family," Thomas tells Bustle. So journal to express your feelings and ready yourself for the subtle possibility that you could receive surprising news about something in those arenas.


During the October new moon, communication is very highlighted. "You may receive some shocking or exciting news in relation to a contract," Thomas predicts, "so use your logic to strategically move around it," he adds. Another way this could manifest is that a communications-related project could get complicated, but remember that when this happens, it opens the door for creativity.



"Your income is very important to you at this time, but it appears you could be seeing either a shocking or surprising new opportunity arrive or else an expense you hadn’t planned for," Thomas tells Bustle. Don't stress, it's all going to work out. And honestly you're going to learn some valuable lessons about your finances and values through this experience.


"Karma is bubbling up at this time, so you may notice that something from your past is back to say 'hello'," Thomas warns. It's not going to be an overwhelming realization, but you might feel the need to seek closure and if you think it will help you heal, you should seek it. "If you need to just take a break from everyone and everything now, that’s okay, too," Thomas adds.



With some cosmic room to breathe, your mind appears to be highly active and hungry for new knowledge. According to Thomas, "you may be focusing on expanding your horizons in some way, whether that be through travel, academics, or culture," so see where it takes you. You won't regret a learning opportunity, even if it means giving up some more of your personal time.