The August New Moon Will Being New Beginnings To Every Zodiac Sign

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The cycles of the moon have more of an effect on us than many of us realize. It's weird to think that something happening so far away could change up our behavior or inspire us to act a certain way. But here's the thing: if we're open to how the moon might affect us, then we could experience some really positive changes. One of the more powerful times in the lunar cycle is a new moon, which appears as barely a sliver in the sky. Despite being fairly unimposing in the sky, though, a new moon packs a punch astrologically — and the August new moon is no different, if you consider these predictions.

A full moon is a time when emotions run high and pretty much anything is possible — you might feel a little bit more on edge than usual, with some obnoxious mood swings. A new moon, on the other hand, is a bit of a different energy. While a full moon is about wrapping things up and letting things go, a new moon is about stepping forward and doing something different. It makes sense — a new moon is the start of a new lunar cycle, so for us, it can be the start of something as well.

This August, the new moon will rise in the Virgo sign on Aug. 30. How will that new moon energy mesh with Virgo's pragmatic energy? Here's a look at some new moon predictions to get an idea of what you can expect:


You'll Feel The Urge To Start Something New


A new moon is always going to make you feel inspired to take on something new, in any aspect of your life. It's a time of change and starting fresh, so if there any goals you've been thinking about, now is the time to get them started. This new moon combines the energy of Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Uranus.

Astrology King explained on its site, "High levels of assertiveness, initiative, and goal-directed energy make this a great new moon for starting new projects. While a Mars new moon alone would cause over assertiveness and impulsiveness, the addition of Mercury and Venus promotes harmony and cooperation." Now would be the time to go after what you want.


You're Going To Feel More Creative


Something that might make you even more motivated to try something new is a big boost of creativity, which is coming at you thanks to Venus and Mars. Astrology King reported that the aggression of Mars combined with Venus' energy means there will be lots of passion and creativity to take advantage of.


It's A Great Time To Leave Your Comfort Zone


That same inspiration for change is going to leave you feeling more than ready to step out of your comfort zone — after all, you have to do that in order to try something new. That might not even mean tackling your biggest goals. It could mean hanging out with new friends, talking to a co-worker you've never spoken to, or going somewhere brand new.

You're going to feel more adventurous and curious than usual, which is really going to help you step into something fresh and exciting. And Virgo's sense of organization and hard work will keep you on your toes.


Your Love Life Might Get More Exciting


The new moon may even have an effect on your love life. According to Astrology King, "Venus adds affection and tenderness to the raw, primal sex drive of Mars. This perfect blend of love and sex is well suited to finding your soul mate."

You'll find yourself feeling more confident than you normally do, which will allow you to speak up and go after what you want — at work, at home, and even with the person you're interested in.


You'll Feel More Structured And Put Together


Virgos are known for being efficient and hard workers who don't mess around. They like to get things done, and they like to do things the right way — they're structured, organized, and ready for anything. Astrologer Lisa Stardust told Bustle, "The Virgo new moon is a time of pragmatic and structured growth." That means that we're going to take a more put-together approach to bettering ourselves.


You'll Want To Help Others


Virgos aren't only organized hard workers — they also tend to be really helpful people. Numerology Sign explained on its site, "Virgo is also a sign that wants to be of service to the world in a useful way, and so this new moon can be a way for us to tap into our more altruistic side, to go out there and care for humanity." Use this time to be there for someone who really needs you, and you'll feel awesome about it.


There Might Be More Conflict


It's not all positive energy and creativity, though — this new moon could also bring about some conflict. Numerology Sign explained on its site, "Chances for conflict may be high, however, as Mars [and] Mercury can be heated and critical, especially in a sign that expects perfection." Be sure to think before you speak (to anyone) and take your time before jumping into anything new. You might feel the urge to start something fresh, but don't do it too spontaneously.