The 9 Best Indoor Dogs For Homebodies


Choosing a dog can be a major decision. Besides the time commitment and expenses involved, finding a pup who's a good fit for your lifestyle is key to making sure both of you are happy in the long run. If you're the kind of person who loves spending every free moment relaxing at home, the best dog breeds for homebodies might be just the thing you're looking for.

"It’s important to remember that all dogs are individuals and may not fit the stereotype that the breed is known for," Russell Hartstein, CDBC, CPDT-KA, a certified professional dog trainer and founder of Fun Paw Care, tells Bustle. As a dog parent, you'll be responsible for learning your little fur baby's specific needs as you get to know them better.

"The size of your home and your own activity level are the two most important considerations when looking to add a dog to your family," Dr. Gary Weitzman, DVM, MPH, CAWA, president and CEO of San Diego Humane Society and author of the Complete Guide to Pet Health, Behavior, and Happiness, tells Bustle. "Some large breed dogs — even as big as Great Danes — are giant couch potatoes and are perfectly content in an apartment, while some small breed dogs can be quite active," he says. In order to get a good sense of a specific dog's personality, try spending time with them before bringing them home. If you're looking at a shelter, pay a couple of visits and observe their energy levels.

Whatever pooch ends up stealing your heart, they're sure to become your best friend for life. Here are some perfect dogs for homebodies.