7 Charitable Fashion Items That Support The Families Being Separated At The Border

The Outrage

Every single day, children are taken away from their parents at the border. You can be more than just a bystander to this practice by advocating for more humane and empathetic immigration policies. And one way you can support immigrant families is through fashion. If you are going to wear clothing anyway, you might as well make it stand for something.

In case you unaware, the government has issued "zero tolerance" immigration policy, which means that "all adults who cross the border illegally between official ports of entry will be criminally prosecuted," according to The Texas Tribune. While parents who have crossed the border go through the legal system, their children are being detained separately. This has caused teens, children, toddlers, and even infants being separated from their families for days and sometimes weeks.

Children are being passed off to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Refugee Resettlement to spend their time in cages and under thermal blankets, according to official photographs from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The family separation is so serious that one mother is suing President Trump and the federal government for not being able to find her child.

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There are many different ways to support the families that are being separated at the border. You can donate directly to the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES), the largest immigration services legal nonprofit in Texas. You can also buy from the Baby2Baby and Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) registry at Target to directly send children in need items like diapers and formula. Or you can even fight back through fashion.

Nonprofits have released charitable clothing and accessories, so you can spread awareness and give back at the same time. Not only will you show that you stand with the families that have been separated at the border, but you can create a bigger conversation among those around you about immigrant rights.

Here are some of the charitable designs that have been created thus far — all of which give back to charities working to bring families back together.

1. Families Belong Together Tee

'Families Belong Together' Women's Tee


The Outrage

"Families. Belong. Together. Period. We demand the Trump administration stops tearing families apart," the product description reads. This shirt donates every single cent to RAICES family reunification and bond fund, which is a nonprofit providing free and low-cost legal services to immigrant families in Texas.

2. Yellow Wristbands

Families Belong

According to Families Belong, parents that have been separated from their children were being identified with a yellow wristband on their left wrist. You can print your own out on the website and wear it to show that you stand with the families that have been separated. All you have to do is head to the website, down the free printable, print, and cut them out.

3. Official March Merch

Families Belong Together Bamboo Tank


Spread Shirt

On June 30, people all over the country will be taking part in the Families Belong Together March. This is the official merch from the rally. The design is available in mens, women, and children sizing as well as tons of different styles. All the money goes to the organization.

4. Families Belong Together Shirt

'Families Belong Together' Unisex Tee


The Outrage

This is another option from The Outrage. Because with a cause this good, you'll want to make sure there are plenty of color and style options.

5. Rise For Refugees Pin

Rise for Refugees



Every one of these pins sold gives $1 for International Rescue Committee (IRC) and $1 for White Helmets. According to the product description, the pins "support for the 65 million refugees worldwide as they travel immense distances in search for home."

6. Another Official Tee

Families Belong Together


Spread Shirt

Like mentioned above, the official march merch comes in tons of different styles and colors. This is another one of the charitable options.

7. Simple Button

'Families Belong Together' Button


The Outrage

Just like the tee from The Outrage, every single penny of this purchase goes to RAICES.

There are plenty of ways to help the cause. While not all of them involve donating money, every single one makes a difference.