This Protest Collection Will Have You Fighting For Your Right In The Most Fashionable Way

Courtesy of Wildfang

When I went to my first Women's March, there was so much that I wanted to say. I wanted to scream for my rights, for the woman standing next to me, and, well, just in general. Thanks to Wildfang's Protest Collection, you can say everything you want to say before you even open your mouth. Or, you know, you could just wear this collection down the street and let everyone know that you're coming with a rebel yell. The beauty is that the choice is yours.

This brand is no stranger to protest gear. Wildfang went sartorially viral in 2016 when it launched the Wild Feminist tee. Since then, the brand has created the ultimate power suits, graphic tees, and accessories all with a message. The brand's latest does that on an even bigger level, if you can image.

Wildfang's Protest Collection includes a button-up shirt, bomber jacket, and pins that will say everything you're thinking all at once. The patches and pins have '60-inspired slogans on them like, "Cuz Liberty Was A Lady Too," "I Believe You," and "79 Cents = 100 Percent Crap." The collection is available right now, so you can fight for your rights in style at the upcoming marches.

“We were inspired by vintage protest buttons and tees from the '70s," Taralyn Thuot, creative director at Wildfang, tells Bustle. "It’s amazing how relevant they still are 30 years later, both in message and design. We’ve come a long way, but it’s clear when it comes to women’s rights...the fight is far from over. So let’s put on our battle gear, ladies."

The line ranges from $10 for the pin set to $188 for the bomber. It's a small price to pay for something that doubles as a great outfit and protest gear.

Fight For Your Rights Bomber, $188, Wildfang

If all of that isn't already enough, this collection is charitable as well. From every item from the Protest Collection Purchased, a percent of proceeds will go to the The Malala Fund, according to the website. The organization "champions every girl’s right to 12 years of free, safe, quality education." So not only will you look and feel great in it, your money will go to an inspiring cause.

Both the top and the jacket are available in sizes extra-small to 2X. As of Mar. 2, all of the items — including the pins — are still in-stock. You'll want to act fast through, because there's so much to say and only so much time to say it. This is not a limited edition collection, but there's no telling when the restock will be.

March is International Women's Month, so there's no better time to buy. The Women's March might be over, but the March For Our Lives is coming up on March 24. This is the perfect time to stock up on protest gear. Of course, there's nothing wrong with buying these pieces to wear everyday, either.

Fight For Your Rights Button Up, $74, Wildfang

This isn't the first time that the brand has made clothing for a cause. Wildfang teamed up with Planned Parenthood to help save the last abortion clinic in South Dakota. The brand's goals was to raise $50,000 and they've surpassed it by 202 percent. As of March 2, the brand helped collect $100,905 for the cause, along with donating all the merch for donors.

Ten dollars got people a pack of pens, $25 for a hat, $40 for a tee, $70 for a crewneck, $150 for it all, and $400 for a ten pack of tees. There was also the option to fund a safe, legal abortion for $650 and Portlandia experience for $1,500.

While it's a bummer that it's all sold out, it's pretty incredible to see how much money was raised. According to the brand, last year Wildfang donated 75K to charities including Planned Parenthood, Black Girls Code and She Should Run.

Fight For Your Rights Button Set, $10, Wildfang

This is fashion that fights back at its best. Whether you don't know what to say, want to say it all at once, or are just looking for a great charitable company to support, you can't go wrong with Wildfang.