Yeah, You Can Already Buy Covfefe Shirts

by Naseem Jamnia
Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Ah, covfefe. What a word it is. The sweet smell in the air, the wonderful way the letters blend together. Less than 24 hours after Donald Trump used the word in his mysterious (and now-deleted) tweet, covfefe T-shirts arrived to join the fray.

Since the president tweeted early Wednesday morning, the internet exploded, trying to figure out the true meaning of the word. Some have plugged it into Google Translate, wondering if the word is Russian — though Google itself recommends Samoan. Not even Merriam Webster can say what the word means, despite it having captured America's heart and somehow united Twitter. Heck, even Sean Spicer joined in on the discussion, assuring everyone that the president knew exactly what he was talking about. Because of course he did.

Why shouldn't we have something to remind us of this momentous occasion? These clever shirts range in design. Some repeat the word, letting it stand alone in testament to its glory. Others incorporate it into a variety of possible meanings. Teespring alone has over 140 items under the #covfefe tag, ranging from plays on the Coca-Cola logo, #MAGA, and even Harambe.

But those aren't the only ones. Here are seven covfefe shirt gems. Maybe we'll even see former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sport a covfefe masterpiece in the future.

Our Favorite New Covfefe Shop

Covfefe T-Shirt, $10, Shirt Punch

With a design like the new hipster coffee shop in town, this shirt is ready to capitalize on the constant negative press.

When You Already Have Five Stars Just For Existing

Trump Covfefe T-Shirt, $13, Amazon

For men, youth, and women, the shirts come in five colors. Sometimes, simple is best.

Listen, I Haven't Had Mine Yet Either.

Given that no one actually knows what the word means, this shirt will always be true! No fake covfefe here.

Covfefe For President

Covfefe 2020 T-Shirt, $23, Tee Spring

Not only is this shirt self-referential, it has great hair!

You Can Never Have Too Much Covfefe.

I Love Covfefe T-Shirt, $25, House Of Swank

Also, this shirt is by a company called House of Swank. That's a pretty great name.

Sorry Not Sorry

Covfefe T-Shirt, $27, Redbubble

But where's the lie on this shirt?


Covfefe The Strong, $32, Spread Shirt

Is there any doubt that this is the best exchange to have come out of the covfefe debacle and been immortalized in a shirt? The battle between Covfefe the Strong and the Wizard Covfefe will surely be one to last the ages.

Wherever you decide to get your covfefe shirt, there's no doubt this is the time to applaud our president's ever-gracious Twitter presence. Just when it seemed like the president was done with Twitter tomfoolery, he surprises the country with a new fake word. Add that to the list, alongside braggadocious and bigly.