7 Crystals To Help You Feel Grounded During This Month’s Full Moon

by Brittany Bennett
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Every month the Full Moon returns, packing intense emotional energy, but each month that energy is tailored per the planets' position. This month, the full moon is in Aquarius on Aug. 15 and you'll most likely be feeling loads of love. An influx of feelings always has the potential of being overwhelming. Harnessing the healing properties of crystals can help direct and tame all those ~feels~ so that you can make the most of the moon's energy. Knowing what crystals to use for the August 2019 full moon will help guide you through this lunar phase.

With a full moon's literal and figurative illumination there's an opportunity for enlightenment surrounding a situation. Which, coincidentally, is what Aquarius is all about. "Aquarius wants to make up its own mind and is always on the search for a bigger truth. The absolute truth. The truth that goes beyond perspective and into a higher place," Forever Conscious wrote on its site. August's full moon in Aquarius will focus its energy on how we can begin to change ourselves so that we can then contribute to changing the world for the better.

This moon is about healing, to lighten our own emotional loads, so that we can bring more love into the world. Crystals promoting healing will assist in spreading the love from your heart to the whole, entire world. Bustle spoke with Tarot Reader and Astrologer Caitlin McGarry of Tarot Graph as well as astrologer Cindy Mckean to learn more about what crystals to use during the August 2019 full moon.



One thing is for sure during August's full moon: love will be in the air. "This Thursday's full moon in Aquarius will be intensely influenced by its opposition to Venus, the planet of love," McGarry explains to Bustle. "This may stir up matters of the heart within new or existing relationships and cause you to act irrationally. It is very important to ground yourself during this time," she continues. One crystal that is recommended to use is Moonstone. Moonstone helps for "balancing feminine energy" and balance is exactly what we all need during the push and pull on our energy during the full moon.



With Aquarian energy strongly radiating from the lunar beams on Aug. 15, there will be a need for truth and lightness. McGarry recommends keeping Selenite close by for "its powerful metaphysical properties and the ability to charge itself." Selenite has the capacity to be cleansing and inspire honesty with oneself because of its metaphysical properties. If it's clarity you need, hold onto Selenite.

Black Tourmaline


Negative energy be gone! McGarry tells Bustle that this stone has the ability to provide "psychic protection." As you work to navigate the emotions drawn up during the Full Moon, and figure ways to move forward in a more honest and loving way, Black Tourmaline will provide the protection needed. Negative energy won't be able to creep in, erasing any positive momentum gained towards the journey of healing yourself.

Rose Quartz


When there is a full moon that harps on love, you must expect the suggestion to hold Rose Quartz close to your heart. McGarry tells Bustle this crystal is best suited to inspire "self-love and healing yourself or a relationship." This Aquarian Full Moon asks that we heal and love ourselves so that we can move forward to healing and loving the world outside of ourselves.

More reason to tuck Rose Quartz in your pocket during this Full Moon? Energy Muse co-founders Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro tell Bustle, "because this particular full moon involves Venus and Aquarius, relationships are likely to be disrupted. Rose Quartz aligns you with the energy of love so you can stay kind, compassionate and sensitive in all relationships with family, friends, romantic partners, and even yourself."



During any emotional full moon, it's a good idea to stay grounded. Calcite can help tether you to the Earth. McGarry tells Bustle that this crystal will help with "balancing and creating emotional intelligence in your life." Keep Calcite around to help make the most of the emotions stirred up by August's full moon.

Citrine Crystal


If you've been going through a rough time, this full moon can help heal what still hurts. "The full moon in Aquarius this Leo season will help with detaching from a breakup. Use citrine crystal to avoid any heavy emotions during the process," Mckean tells Bustle. Keep it close to your heart to find the power to heal yourself and move onto your next chapter. What's best for you will, ultimately, be what's best for us all.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a clear stone but can reflect color like no other crystal. When put in direct sunlight this gem can transform into a luminous rainbow.Shutterstock

Energy Muse tells Bustle, "Clear Quartz represents clarity and supports manifestation during this powerful astrological time." Full moons are an ideal time to manifest your dreams and what you want in the coming months. Clear Quartz will lend its properties to help you see, honestly, what it is that you want and then support your journey towards that.

Because Aquarius is a humanitarian sign, we will all feel connected in some way during August's full moon. The process of loving and healing ourselves will ideally benefit the world. Set yourself up with any of these powerful crystals to harness the power of this Aquarian full moon.