7 Daily Habits Of People Who Attract Long-Term Relationships

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What does it take to find a long-term partner? A big part of getting into a long-term relationship is actually being ready for a long-term relationship — and that's not always something that happens overnight. The first thing to remember, if you want to find a long-term partner, is that it makes such a difference if you're happy with who you are first.

"As a single woman, you should remind yourself that you have an amazing life," dating expert Noah Van Hochman tells Bustle. "Let your confidence in your own life exude into everything around you... Happiness and confidence attracts the same." You probably hear it all the time, but really do need to love yourself first to attract a healthy relationship. Of course, this doesn't mean being perfect or having everything all figured out, but it does mean being open to love and being honest.

In fact, there are a lot of little things that you can do every day that'll help signal to the world — and to yourself — that you're ready for a long-term relationship. Here are some daily habits of people who attract long-term partners, according to experts, because they're genuinely interested in other people.


They're Making Authentic Choices

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People who attract long-term partners are often authentic in every exchange that they have. "False impressions and a lack of authenticity only lead to future personalization or disappointment and mistrust," licensed marriage and family therapist, Allen Wagner, LMFT, tells Bustle.

If someone seems disingenuous, we tend to be naturally wary of them. Plus, being authentic and doing what you love means that you will attract people interested in the real you — rather than some version of yourself you're putting out there.


They Ask Questions

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Who would want to date someone who only thinks about themselves? "Conversations should allow the other person a chance to share who they are, as opposed to comparisons or using the time to showcase your own accomplishments," Wagner says. People who seem genuinely interested in other people are often the ones signaling that they're ready to be in a relationship.


They Practice Self-Care

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People who are ready for a relationship are often the ones who give themselves what they need — every day. “If someone isn’t at peace with who they are, they won’t be able to give a relationship their all,” dating expert and matchmaker Sarah Patt tells Bustle. “Loving yourself is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to connecting with the right person.” Whether it's an hour-long yoga class a few times a week or a nice bath before bed, they have self-care built into their routine.


They're Honest

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You often hear that you need to "put yourself out there" to find a relationship — but, in a lot of ways, that just means being honest. “Putting oneself ‘out there’ simply means being open and honest about who you are and how you feel. It’s a key step in creating a deep connection with someone else,” life and dating coach Elaine Beth Cohen tells Bustle. “To do this, one needs to communicate ‘their truth’, which could be uncomfortable but it’s a brave and essential effort!” If being open and direct in your communication is a part of your daily routine, it's a good sign.


They Say "Yes"

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To attract long-term relationships, you often need to find them people you're romantically interested in first — so people who are ready to get into relationships say "yes" rather than close themselves off from the world. "Opportunities can occur immediately or it could take some time, this depends on how aware you are," intuitive and tarot card reader, Jennifer Harry, tells Bustle. "This phenomenon works like magic. Just make sure your eyes are wide open and you observe everything that goes on." Not only will you be in the right place at the right time, that positive energy can really shine through and draw people to you.


They Dress For Success

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When you wear things that make you feel good, whether it's your favorite pair or earrings or shoes, "you're telling yourself and the universe you're ready, available and open to meeting your partner," Jess Bubbico, manifesting expert and mentor for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs, tells Bustle.

Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean being super glam — it all depends on what makes you feel good. It's about making sure you're bringing your most confident, comfortable self to the world. If that means elastic waistbands, so be it.


They Accept Rejection And Move On

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If you are totally distraught with every knock and rejection in dating, you're going to be closed off. People ready to take big steps often take rejection in their stride. "Rejection is just the universe’s way of protecting you from someone who is not a right fit, so that you have room for someone who is," Pam Thomas, Chief Change Officer and Intuitive at What’s Within U, tells Bustle. Those who can take life's little setbacks and stay positive often are magnetic and carry a quiet confidence. It sends good signals out into the world.

There's no one way to show the world that you're ready for a long-term relationship, but being positive, open, and genuinely interested in other people can help you send the right signals. But, more than any of that, being your authentic self can help you attract the right person for you. So be yourself — and own it.