7 Date Ideas To Bring You Closer To Your Partner During Mercury Retrograde In March 2018

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

Mercury retrograde is happening right now — and not only does that mean Mercury zooming past the Earth, but you may feel that your life is off-kilter, and it may affect your love life, too — especially when it comes to communication. The current Mercury retrograde began on March 22 and will end on April 15. So, the good news is, it’s not forever, and it’s also manageable as long as you understand it and its potential influence on your life. After all, aside from feeling a bit unbalanced, Mercury retrograde is also a great time to date and connect, or reconnect with a current partner, and there are plenty of dates to bring you closer during Mercury retrograde.

No matter what stage of dating you are in — going on first dates, fiftieth dates, or more — Mercury retrograde is the time to keep going on those dates. In fact, Linda Joyce, Relationship Expert and Astrologer, tells Bustle it's the perfect time to reconnect with someone you may have gone a date with in the past if you've been thinking about them lately.

“Regarding dating, it’s a great time to review your individual goals and needs, as well as your goals for your relationship,” Wave Rayne, Intuitive Astrologer, tells Bustle. “Only, you don’t have to overdo it — just review it and leave it be. Let the Universe pick up your goals and open doors for you. Remember, not talking too much is really a good thing, too. Keep the serious talk for after Mercury retrograde, when you are more inclined to be more left-brained and linear thinking is returned.”

That said, there are several types of dates that are perfect to go on during Mercury retrograde, even if you've been together forever. "If you’re in a relationship, then this is the perfect time to take your partner back to the place you first met, or that place you had such an amazing time together — the date that made you commit to each other,” Joyce says. “You are meant to experience it again, to relive the joy of it all, and reconfirm to each other the importance of your relationship.”

Below are seven dates that will bring you and your partner closer since they’re all about making time to reflect and communicate with each other.