7 Easy New Year's Eve Makeup Looks To Recreate On December 31 — VIDEOS

New Year's Eve is officially upon us. While many are worried about their New Year's resolutions and bubble wrapping Betty White to protect her from the last few days of 2016, some new easy New Year's makeup looks for that last party of the year. Why focus on 2017 when you can still send 2016 out with a solid kick to its butt with a fly makeup look and your middle finger in the air? 2016 has been rough, and ending it on a high note with gorgeous glam is the best way to do it.

With YouTube beauty vloggers not only creating new looks every year but archiving looks from years past, there's a plethora of looks to choose from online. Whether it's an easy neutral glam or a glittering look that practically screams New Year's Eve, there's a way to achieve it without giving yourself so much stress that you've got to chug the bottle of champagne before midnight.

If you've got your New Year's Eve dress or jumpsuit ensemble set, and you're searching for a gorgeous look for the night, these 7 YouTube tutorials are going to help you get glam without stress. From quick and easy smoky eyes to glittering lids, YouTube is a treasure trove.

1. Easy Glitter

Christen Dominique on YouTube

YouTuber Christen Dominique admits that this look may seem daunting, but it's quite easy.

2. Silver Glitter Glam

NikkieTutorials on YouTube

Nikkie swears that this look is easy, and if it gives you a glow like that, why not try it for yourself?

3. Glitter Liner

Jaclyn Hill on YouTube

You can always count on Jaclyn Hill for a glam look, and this glitter liner looks super easy.

4. Easy, Adaptable Glam

Karima McKimmie on YouTube

This look may have glitter, but it's super simple. The best part, it's suitable for so many lip looks. If you're more of a lippie person, this tutorial will be perfect.

5. Dramatic Rhinestones

Makeup Geek on YouTube

Rhinestones may sound tough, but Marlena Stell of Makeup Geek knows how to help you make it work in an easy, fun way.

6. Easy Metallic Eyes

Jackie Aina on YouTube

If you can blend, you can make this eye look work for you, and it's a serious stunner.

7. No False Lashes

Jasmine Hand on YouTube

Without experience applying them, false lashes can be difficult. A smoky look without them is perfect for NYE.

No matter what your look of choice, you'll look killer on New Year's Eve.

Images: Christen Dominique/YouTube