7 Facts About Reproductive Health You May Not Know

Ashley Batz for Bustle

If you have a vagina, there are some things you should know about vaginal health that aren't always talked about. For example, if you've been told that your vagina should never smell or that doing kegels is always good for you, you've been misinformed. If you've been wondering why you have pubic hair in the first place or what it means if your vagina is discharging fluids when you aren't aroused or on your period, some experts have answers.

Even if you haven't received a lot of education about your vagina, you're likely pretty well-equipped to know if something is wrong because you likely interact with your vagina on a regular basis. Many people know what their vaginas normally look like, feel like, and smell like, and are very aware if something suddenly changes, Dr. Alyssa Dweck, MS, MD, FACOG, a practicing gynecologist at CareMount Medical, tells Bustle. For example, if you are bleeding when you aren't on your period, experience persistent or recurrent itching, notice burning irritation or a rash, or feel some unusual lumps or bumps down there, schedule a visit with your OB/GYN right away.

Here are some things that nobody probably ever told you about vaginal health, according to experts.