7 Films About Mental Health On Netflix UK That Shed Light On Some Seriously Important Topics


Trigger warning: This piece contains details about a variety of mental health conditions.

Sadly, it's only in recent years that mental health has come to the forefront of public discussion in terms of politics and news. However, when it comes to art, the mind and all thats associated with it has always served as a powerful source of inspiration for creators — be it artists, authors, musicians, TV writers, or filmmakers. And one platform that hosts a tonne of high-quality TV and film about mental health is Netflix UK. Never one to shy away from tricky topics, the streaming service has some stunning content surrounding subjects such as political unrest, criminal activity, and human struggle. And the stories it features focussing on mental health are some of the best out there.

Netflix UK's film selection ranges from the factual to the fictional, the hilarious to the harrowing, and everything in between. And they all prove just how important it is to discuss these topics. When handled correctly, on-screen portrayals of mental health can hit all kinds of chords with audiences, and share some powerful messages.

Below is my list of the best Netflix UK films that focus on mental health. Although these films are in no way perfect, I believe each has something important to say about a topic that we all could take time to learn more about.