7 Last-Minute Experiential Gifts To Get Your Partner

We are down to the wire on last-minute holiday gifts for 2018. Our days are numbered and who the hell wants to tackle the malls this time of year? Getting holiday gifts for your partner right from the comfort of your own couch seems like the best idea.

But just because you're couch-bound (because why the hell not this time of year?), that doesn't mean your holiday gifts have to be equally couch-bound. In other words, you can easily find some really exciting, even experiential gifts all while sitting on your couch and eating holiday cookies. Isn't the Internet grand?

“Be creative," Susan Winter, relationship expert and bestselling author of Allowing Magnificence, tells Bustle. "Think of an ‘experiential’ date that bypasses the traditional routine of flowers, chocolates, and a dinner.”

While no one is going to turn down dinner, because food. Giving the gift of experiences is something that lasts. As my friend Gabby has told me more than a few times, "Why spend money on objects, when you can spend it on experiences?"

Here are seven experiential gifts for the holidays that you can get for you partner right from your couch, from astrological chart readings to sex workshops.


Have Their Astrological Chart Read

I'm was an astrology skeptic, but astrologer, Cindy Mckean has totally turned all that around for me. So, even if your partner isn't exactly sold on the astrology thing, it's an experiential gift worth giving them. Thirty-minute readings are $40.


Order Them An Unbound Quarterly Subscription

All you have to do is hop on Unbound and order your partner a sex-positive quarterly subscription of sexual goodies that they'll get every three months. Each box has a theme, containing different toys, harnesses, lubes — you name it. And, the best part is, you get to experience this gift with your partner. Not a bad deal.


Sign Them Up For A Wine & Paint Night

Even if your partner doesn't have an artistic bone in their body, experiencing a painting class together just might help them find their inner Monet — or van Gogh or Dali or, at the very least, Jackson Pollack. (Yes, that was a swipe at Pollack.) The best thing is that these wine and paint nights can be found all over the country.


Book A Language Course

Are you and your partner planning to travel in the New Year? Great! Although you could sign your partner up for a class that they actually have to go to, from personal experience, I highly recommend the app Babbel. I use it when I need to refresh my French and I'm currently using it to work on my Spanish in between actual in-class learning.


Get Them A Movie Pass

If your partner is a movie buff and their idea of an experiential gift is going to the movies, then get them Movie Pass. For less than $10 a month (starting price, of course), your partner will get unlimited movie tickets at any theatre. Yes; you read that correctly: unlimited.


6. Register Them For A Sex Workshop

When it comes to sex, you can never stop learning, growing, and evolving. What this also means is that giving the gift of a sex workshop is an experience from which you can both benefit. Depending on who's hosting the workshop, it could be anywhere from free to $75 or so. Either way, it's an experiential gift worth giving.


Get Them An At-Home Cooking Membership

Similar to a wine and paint night, your partner doesn't have to be a Julia Child in the making to enjoy the experiential gift of an at-home cooking membership. But, if they do fancy themselves Julia (and many of us secretly do), then maybe consider signing them up for actual cooking classes. Now that's not just an experience, but a challenge.

There you have it: seven awesome experiential gifts that you could get, literally, in the next five minutes from your couch!