7 Meditations To Try During Uranus Retrograde That Are All About Inner Peace

Woman meditating to boost her mood

At this point, you've likely heard of Mercury retrograde, something of an astrological phenomenon that has been blamed for everything from running late to an important event to forgetting a deadline you needed to remember. Mercury retrograde is easily the most well-known planetary retrograde out there, as it occurs quite often each year and gets pretty hyped up every time it occurs. But it's definitely not the only planet that goes retrograde sometimes — every planet does. In fact, we're in the midst of Uranus retrograde right now.

Uranus retrograde began on Aug. 11 and won't end until Jan. 10. Yup: it lasts for about six months — so it's lucky that it doesn't have the same intense effects as Mercury retrograde on things like communication and technology. Instead, Uranus is a rebellious planet that rules change and disruption, which means that when it goes retrograde, people are going to be forced to see the changes they're meant to make in their life. The change is going to be coming from within: like many retrogrades, this is one about introspection, and according to Forever Conscious, it's going to encourage us to connect with our roots and see what we need to change in our lives in order to continue moving forward.

It's not all positive, though. Astrology King says that Uranus is often connected with erratic, impulsive urges that can seem eccentric and can lead to unreliable and unpredictable behavior. All in all, it's definitely going to be an interesting six months, and you'll need to have your head in the right place in order to really get through it. So, to do that, you may want to turn to meditation, which can leave you feeling more balanced and relaxed. Here are a few meditations that would be the most beneficial during Uranus retrograde:


Hypnosis To Let Go Of Negative Attachments & Rebuild Confidence

Uranus retrograde is a great time to look back on the past and let go of the things you don't want to bring into your future. This meditation will put you in the right head space to do exactly that.


Give Yourself Permission To Let Go: A Guided Meditation Practice

This is another guided meditation that will get you in the right frame of mind for letting go of the negative emotions and past experiences you don't need to keep holding onto.


Guided Meditation For Change

Uranus retrograde is a time of change and disruption. This can be pretty scary and intimidating, especially because Uranus can give off such an erratic energy. There's no need to fear change, though, especially if it's positive — and this meditation will help you adjust to that.


New You Guided Meditation

This guided meditation helps to invoke positive thoughts and put you in a positive mindset for the right kind of change. It's super relaxing and full of affirmations that you won't forget.


Morning Guided Meditation For Positive Energy & Motivation

During Uranus retrograde, you're being given a chance to do something different and to change things about your life that need to be changed. You need to be motivated enough to do that in the right way. This meditation will help inspire change in you so that you can go after what you deserve.


15 Minute Guided Meditation ~ Relaxed Body Relaxed Mind

Any retrograde period can be stressful and overwhelming, especially one as eccentric as Uranus retrograde. You'll need to spend some time focusing on relaxing and calming yourself down, and this short guided meditation is perfect for that.


Meditation For Inner Peace

Lastly, this meditation for inner peace will help you feel more focused and calm, no matter what Uranus retrograde throws your way.