7 Predictions For Taurus Zodiac Signs During Mercury Retrograde, According To An Astrologer

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In case you hadn't yet heard (or didn't notice the barrage of tech malfunctions, miscommunications, and scheduling conflicts), Mercury retrograde summer 2019 is in full swing, and set to rock our worlds all July. The planet of communication, intellect, and timing started its second backspin of this year on Jul. 7, and it'll be raging on through Jul. 31 when it finally stations direct again. This regular astrological transit affects all zodiac signs, albeit a little bit differently. It all depends on which signs Mercury is retrograding through, how other planets are interacting with the retrograde, and where in your personal natal chart these influences are hitting.

This summer's Mercury retrograde begins in fire sign Leo and moves into water sign Cancer territory partway through. Fire and water signs will definitely be feelin' a retrograde-charged buzz, as will Mercury-ruled signs Gemini and Virgo. But where does that leave our Venus-ruled earth bulls, Taurus? Well, bad news and good news: While it's not going to be the easiest Mercury retrograde, it's also not going to be the most challenging — and there are definitely things you can focus on to help use this slowed-down energy to your advantage as you balance these Mercury retrograde 2019 Taurus predictions.

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Taurus energy is already slow n' steady. Rational and practical, Tauruses like to take their time before making a decision. They're in touch with their bodies and tend to be very grounded, making them a sensible, rooting force in people's lives. That said, sometimes our Taurean babies can be so grounded in their comforts that they can be a bit stubborn and resistant to change. And because of this, letting go and surrendering control to the mercy of Mercury retrograde's hijinks is a really difficult ask.

"Back up your data, try not to sign contracts, and put everything in writing ... while the messenger planet backspins through your privacy-seeking fourth house," wrote astrologers Ophira and Tali Edut regarding Taurus' experience with Mercury's summer retrograde in The AstroTwins' 2019 Horoscope. "Things could get really slippery for the last few days, when Mercury dips back into your communication zone on July 19. But if you don't take anything for granted, you can minimize the 'damage.'" Stay present, stay grateful, and think before you speak/send/sign/text.

So what do the stars have in store for you during this summer's Mercury retrograde, Taurus? Bustle consulted with astrologer Lisa Stardust for her professional astro opinion, so without further ado, dive on into what kind of vibes are to come for you this month.

Firstly, These Eclipses Will Force You To Get Real


Summer's Mercury retrograde kicked off right in the middle of eclipse season, and these happen to be bringing a jolt to your natal chart's ninth house, which is the house of higher knowledge, worldly affairs, and big ideas. That said, expect sh*t to get real, in a good way. "Since the ninth house rules truth-telling, this eclipse could bring a powerful moment of honesty," continued the AstroTwins on their site, Astro Style. "Any friendships built on falsehoods will be tested. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from keeping it real."

You'll Be Spiritually Seeking — But Don't Expect All The Answers

With the eclipses causing Taurus babies to rethink their philosophies and this month's retrograde begging us to turn inward, it makes sense that you might be seeking some spiritual connection and validation — which is great, except that the Rx energy can hang a veil of confusion over things. "Tauruses may feel a longing to connect to something bigger and greater than themselves during this retrograde season," Stardust tells Bustle. "The issue is that they may not know what that vision is." Stay present with your feelings, and trust that you'll see things more clearly once Mercury goes direct.

Try To Reign In Your Impulses

Mercury's backspin can have a sort of alchemical reaction with Taurus' slow-moving nature and make you want to be more impulsive, perhaps as a way of taking back some of the control over your communications and schedule. Unfortunately, Mercury Rx doesn't mix so well with spontaneous decision-making, so it'll be important for Tauruses to reign in the urge to jump into things headfirst. Call upon your natural ability to deliberate and be rational to guide you through decisions during this retrograde.

You Might Feel Lost In Emotions


You tend to be more rooted in your senses than your emotions, Taurus, but with your ruling planet Venus currently in super-sensi Cancer and the retrograde energy turning everything upside down, you're likely to be way deeper in your feels than usual this month. "While the Bullish sign normally has a plan for every situation due to their earthy practicality, they may feel as if they are lost in emotion and unable to manifest the next direction of their lives," warns Stardust. Try to weather the emotional storm and remember that feelings aren't facts — they're only temporary. You'll have clearer vision post-Rx.

Your Work/Life Balance May Need Some Attention

As a practical earth sign, you're usually diligent and steady in your professional life — but with this month's astrology making you extra emotional, it might be hard to focus. "Your priorities are shifting, making you more worried about your personal affairs, which will affect your work situation," shares Stardust in an interview with Bustle. "Try to find balance in both areas of your life to prepare yourself for such issues."

If You've Had A Dream Project In The Works, You Might See Some Progress

While Mercury retrogrades are definitely not the time to start any new projects, if you've already had some big things on your back burner, you might see a little movement in the right direction during this transit — and the full moon/partial lunar eclipse on Jul. 16 will be a major influence. "This once-a-year event powers up your expansive ninth house, and because it lands alongside alchemical Pluto, you might finally achieve liftoff with a visionary or entrepreneurial project you've been trying to get off the ground," wrote the AstroTwins on Astro Style. It'll really be time to embrace this energy once Mercury goes direct.

The Truth Might Hurt Sometimes, But It'll Prevail


An overarching theme for Taurus during this retrograde is being honest and authentic — with others, yes, but also with themselves. "The lesson [Taurus] will learn is to be truthful with their desires and actions," explains Stardust to Bustle. "This means speaking their truth, no matter how hard it is. This will enable them to feel centered and find the dream within." The truth, no matter how difficult it may be to face, will always eventually set you free — and it can make navigating this dang Mercury retrograde a lil' bit easier on you, too.