7 Military-Approved Tricks To Fall Asleep In Under Two Minutes


If you need to get some rest — and fast — then you may want to try a few military-approved tricks for falling asleep. Even when you're stressed, and even when you're not in the coziest of environments, the military swears by these sleep hacks, to help them get to sleep.

This method first came to our attention when the lifestyle website Joe shared the two-minute sleep trick used by the US military, which was originally published in the book Relax and Win: Championship Performance way back in 1981.

The post quickly caught attention, with it's easy — but apparently very effective — tips for passing out quickly. While it may sound too good to be true, it really can work. But only if you practice, as it may take six weeks to master.

The overall method includes classic sleep advice such deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and visualization — as well as trying to go to bed at the same time each night. "It's no wonder the army would use these techniques," Chris Brantner, sleep expert and founder of SleepZoo, tells Bustle. "They're backed by good science. And they structure them in a way that sets a rigid protocol, which makes them easier to follow."

That means a person in the military can fall asleep quickly, and get the rest they need. But it's also a great trick for civilians. "The average person would find these techniques [helpful]," Brantner says. "I advise trying these out as a part of improving your sleep hygiene."

Here, sleep experts explain why these tips are so effective, they're even used by the military.