7 Podcasts About Sex That Will Change The Way You View Everything


It’s not easy to find interesting, accurate, inclusive information about sex. Mainstream porn leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to gender equality, magazines are full of myths, movies and TV shows don’t show or tell much at all, and sex ed reveals even less. One of the few places that’s been making progress in this area, though, is podcasts. A lot of the best sex podcasts out there are refreshingly feminist, sex positive, and eye-opening.

"We have seen that sex, relationship, and erotica podcasts are on the rise, especially with societies becoming more liberal in discussing sexuality in all its forms, with MDWAP [My Dad Wrote A Porno] paving the way (albeit humorously) for a more open discussion around sex," Sophie Herdman, UK Content Manager at podcast platform Acast, tells Bustle. "Other shows like Why Are People Into That and Close Encounters are at the forefront of sex ed, by discussing and sharing real-life stories, as well as day-to-day issues we all are facing. Podcasting is accessible even for niche information that isn’t widely found at other sources, which makes podcasts an ideal and intimate medium that's perfect for storytelling and sex ed.”

Here are a few podcasts to listen to if you want to come home from your next walk, run, or bus ride with a heightened understanding of human sexuality.


Sex With Dr. Jess

If you thought you knew everything there was to know about sex, this podcast will prove you wrong. In Sex With Dr. Jess, Astroglide’s resident sexologist Dr. Jess O'Reilly will guide you through everything from how to find your core erotic feeling to how to kiss based on the latest sex and dating research.


Future Of Sex

We think of sex as an innate human activity that stays constant over time, but in reality, it changes along with our technology and our attitudes. In Future of Sex, Bryony Cole explores online dating, sex robots, and other developments in the ever-changing world of sexuality.


My Dad Wrote A Porno

In My Dad Wrote a Porno, Jamie Morton, James Cooper, and Alice Levine break one of the biggest remaining taboos around sex: communication between parents and children. After Morton’s dad emailed him an erotic book he wrote with lines like "his thong performing at 93 percent,” he thought it was too good for the rest of the world not to read. So, he turned it into a podcast, and now everyone can enjoy the hilarity of Belinda Blinked — and maybe shed some shame around sex in the process.


Sex With Emily

Sexologist Dr. Emily Morse invites a new guest on Sex With Emily each week to discuss topics ranging from how to have phone sex to how to get out of unhealthy relationships. Whether she’s talking about introducing sex toys into the bedroom or buying condoms, Morse knows her stuff.


Guys We F*cked

As part of their mission to fight slut-shaming, Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher discuss their own sexual experiences and invite guests to discuss theirs on Guys We F*cked. In addition to interviewing people they’ve slept with, they have important conversations about what it means to be a sex-positive feminist.


Why Are People Into That?

There’s a world of sexual subcultures out there that many people haven’t even heard of, let alone explored. From dominatrixes to butt plugs, Tina Horn interviews experts on a variety of sexual practices to try to get to the bottom of why people are into them.



Feminist writer and activist Jaclyn Friedman puts sex into a societal context with Unscrewed, exploring the ways society screws us over in the bedroom and how we can unscrew ourselves. The episodes explore everything from faking orgasms to rape fantasies.

These should leave you with hours of entertainment and information about sex. Or, if you prefer reading to listening, check out one of these sex-positive blogs. There is no shortage of information out there if you know where to look.