7 Podcasts About Sex That Will Change The Way You View Everything


It’s not easy to find interesting, accurate, inclusive information about sex. Mainstream porn leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to gender equality, magazines are full of myths, movies and TV shows don’t show or tell much at all, and sex ed reveals even less. One of the few places that’s been making progress in this area, though, is podcasts. A lot of the best sex podcasts out there are refreshingly feminist, sex positive, and eye-opening.

"We have seen that sex, relationship, and erotica podcasts are on the rise, especially with societies becoming more liberal in discussing sexuality in all its forms, with MDWAP [My Dad Wrote A Porno] paving the way (albeit humorously) for a more open discussion around sex," Sophie Herdman, UK Content Manager at podcast platform Acast, tells Bustle. "Other shows like Why Are People Into That and Close Encounters are at the forefront of sex ed, by discussing and sharing real-life stories, as well as day-to-day issues we all are facing. Podcasting is accessible even for niche information that isn’t widely found at other sources, which makes podcasts an ideal and intimate medium that's perfect for storytelling and sex ed.”

Here are a few podcasts to listen to if you want to come home from your next walk, run, or bus ride with a heightened understanding of human sexuality.