A Sex & Relationships Center Is Coming To The U.S. To Help You Live Your Best Love Life

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Do you ever wish you had an impartial person to talk to about sex? Well, come February 2018, you will when The V. Club debuts in New York City. Basically, it's all about your romantic relationship and making it the best it could possibly be.

"The V. Club's masterclasses will provide women and men with everything they need to know to have a happy love life," Courtney Cleman, New York-based relationship coach, sex and relationship expert, and founder of the upcoming health and sexual wellness club, tells Bustle. She formed the club with globally renowned sex expert Kate Lubimova, who's been a sexologist for over 10 years.

"Students will leave classes with in-depth knowledge of relationship psychology, sexual physiology, real-world sexual techniques, and practical solutions to their relationship problems that they can immediately implement," Cleman says. "We think of our masterclasses as crash courses in love, intimacy, and sexual health. There will be a lot of a-ha moments, where all the baffling things about our own and our partner's approach to sex and relationships will suddenly make sense."

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Sign. Me. Up! In essence, Cleman says you can have the life, love, and sex life you've always wanted. Up to now, throughout Europe, more than 100,000 people have taken their classes, so The V. Club thought it's time to launch in the U.S., and I can see why. "The V. Club is the first sex and relationship education center in the U.S. where women, men, and couples can take masterclasses on sex and relationships in a sophisticated studio space that feels like a place to enjoy afternoon tea," Cleman says.

BDG Media, Inc.

"We wanted to empower people with the knowledge and tools to create truly satisfying and lasting relationships, whether they are dating, navigating parenthood, or are a more mature couple dealing with age-related issues. No one really teaches us how to do that. Unfortunately, in the U.S., conversation about 'real' sex and relationships is almost taboo… unlike Europe, where sex is a topic that is more out in the open. If you look at the divorce rate in the U.S., if you just look at our local dating scene here in NYC, many people struggle with finding fulfillment in their love life. We want to change that."

According to The V. Club, more people can benefit from having more information on sex-related topics. For instance, they referenced a recent study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, the largest study to analyze the diversity of female sexual pleasure. In it, 1,055 heterosexual women in the U.S. ages 18 to 94 answered various sex-related questions. They found that more than 36 percent of women reported needing clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, while less than a fifth reported that intercourse alone was sufficient. An additional 36 percent said that clitoral stimulation wasn't necessary, but made for a better orgasm. Knowledge is power, right?

These Are The Classes You Can Expect

All kinds of sex-oriented classes will be offered, including ones such as:

  • "A Woman's Guide to Her Anatomy and the Science of Vaginal 'O'"
  • "A Woman's Guide to Male Psychology of Sex and His Big 'O'"
  • "A Couple's Guide to the Psychology of Sex and Intimacy"

"We are going to offer three types of classes — those designed specifically for women, men, and couples," Cleman says. "My favorite class, and it is one of the three classes that we will launch with, is called 'A Woman's Guide to Her Anatomy and the Science of Vaginal 'O'" — because it's a class that teaches women about themselves. Most therapy and workshops on sex and relationships focus on men's or couple’s needs. We created a class to teach what every woman should know about getting the most satisfaction but usually doesn't, which is why so many women struggle with achieving orgasms easily and consistently as compared to men. This class is for women of all ages. Even women that think they have their bodies figured out will be surprised by how much more pleasure they are capable of experiencing."

Aside from the three above, there will be more classes down the line, too. "We already have other classes in the pipeline, including a class for mothers called 'A Mother's Guide to Bringing Sexy Back.' Another class that we have in a pipeline that I am really excited about is a class for men to empower them with knowledge about women's sexual psychology, anatomy, and the arousal process. It's generally not well understood or intuitive to most men. We will discuss various techniques that are top-of-mind for men. This two-hour class will be packed with information that we expect most men will find totally new and extremely valuable."

How The V. Club Sets Itself Apart From Other Sex Classes

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You may be wondering how The V. Club is different than other sex classes out there, and that's a great question. "Sexual health, the mechanics of arousal, and sexual satisfaction are a universal matter," Cleman says. "I'm sure that most people have heard the saying that our largest sexual organ is our brain. We think that having a good understanding of the physiological side of sex is as important as having an understanding of the psychological side — how our partner views sex and what they want from us as a partner in and out of the bedroom."

Their hope is that students not only feel more comfortable talking about sex and relationships, but that what they learn in the masterclasses will change love lives, too. "Especially in light of the recent, extremely disturbing headlines around sexual harassment, we think people are ready to have candid open conversations about intimacy and sexual empowerment."

How To Join

To join The V. Club, just sign up on their website for an early-access invite. The full class schedule will be available soon, too. As for the classes themselves, Cleman says that students will have the option of signing up for one class that will address their most pressing questions or they can sign up for a bundle of classes. "For example, bundling the following two classes — "A Woman's Guide to Her Anatomy and the Science of Vaginal 'O’' with "A Woman's Guide to Male Psychology of Sex and His Big 'O' — will provide a 360-degree overview of relationship psychology, sexual physiology, and how both people can feel fully satisfied by the sexual experience," she says.

I don't know about you, but the more relationship and sex know-how, the better, and The V. Club definitely sounds intriguing.