Why Beth & Randall From 'This Is Us' Will Make It Through Season 3 Together — Hopefully

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

While so much of the romance on This Is Us has focused on Rebecca and Jack's journey together, there's another couple whose relationship is just as envy-inducing, even if thus far, it's not as mysterious or sensational. Beth and Randall's relationship on This Is Us has never been perfect, but it's always been something viewers want to strive for. Particularly this season, with Randall relentlessly pursuing public office and Beth enduring struggles at work, they've been put through tests we haven't really seen before. But somehow, Beth and Randall remain relationship goals, even through the hard times.

They aren't without their misfires, like any couple, but that makes them all the more relatable. Most recently, fans have been able to see through some of their cracks in ways that have polarized fans. Randall promises he'll leave the campaign behind if it becomes too hard on Beth and their family, but when push comes to shove, he doesn't stick to his word. Some viewed the decision as selfish on Randall's part, while others wondered why Beth wouldn't continue to support him. Even worse, in the flash forward this season, it looks like they might be divorced.

Ultimately, no matter what they're dealing with, there's usually merit to both Beth's and Randall's points of view. It always feels like even when they might be misguided, they're both always striving toward one thing: the good of their family. The love there is so solid and so real that even Sterling K. Brown and Susan Kelechi Watson have both said they hope there's no end in sight for their characters' love. In that spirit, let's look back at a few of the best moments from their relationship, which are proof that they make it through the hard times this season.

Beth Reassures Randall About Adopting

This conversation involves a literal "run into your arms and kiss you" moment, so obviously it's at the top of the list. After it becomes clear that Randall needs a little reassurance of how capable they are of adopting and raising a kid who turns out great, Beth knows exactly what to say.

"Our girls came out good, it's true, but we made them great," she says. "They make us great. We can do this. You and me, we can do anything." There's no way they're splitting up.

Beth Stands Up To Rebecca On Randall's Behalf

When Beth found out that Rebecca's kept Randall's birth father a secret from him, even though she knows who he is and interacts with him pretty regularly, she was mad. She's the one to tell Rebecca that she needs to come clean. It proves that Beth really does have her husband's back.

Beth Takes The Reigns At William's Funeral

Randall is understandably torn up about his birth father's death, and hands the microphone at his funeral over to Beth to say a few words. She had a special connection with William herself, and the love she had for him is so obvious even amidst her frustration that he's done. These two are connected on a higher level.

Randal Comes Through When Beth Gives Birth

Back in Season 2, we were blessed with flashbacks of how Beth and Randall operated together as they were preparing for their first child. Randall was plagued with anxiety, but in the end, he came together for Beth and was by her side, acting as her rock when it all went down.

Surely, he can come through after his election.

Beth Figures Out How To Best Honor Both Randall's Fathers

This is yet another instance of Beth stepping up to help Randall get his head on straight. (Could this list solely be about all the times Beth was partner goals? Yes. Yes it could.) She tells him that if he wants to channel Jack by adopting a child, he also needs to honor William by taking in someone who's older, and has already been discarded by society.

Their Game Of "Worst Case Scenario"

When worrying about potential issues with Deja, Randall and Beth do what every healthy couple needs to do with each other: vent without any filters. Randall asks if they can "just do our thing. Where we say all the bad things we're thinking. No judgment. No censorship."

It prompts a hilarious game of "worst case scenario," and reminds all of us why it's important to be authentic with our partners. Hopefully, they can work their way through this "worst case" scenario.

Even After A Bumpy Ride, They Come Out As A Team

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Though Randall was probably out of line by continuing his campaign when it wasn't in the best interest of his family, he apologized for what he did, and said it wouldn't happen again. Beth also let things go, offering Randall the support he needed after all was said and done.

This Is Us has plenty more work to do — viewers love Beth, and know she loves Randall, but we'd also love to see more of her experiences outside of her marriage. It'll also be interesting to see how they proceed now that the election story has concluded and Randall apparently will be taking office. But the people behind the show have convinced us that Randall and Beth are soulmates, no matter what ups and downs they still have ahead of them. They better not play with our hearts now.