7 Sex Toys For Queer Women & Nonbinary People That Make Pleasure More Accessible

When it comes to sex toys, we tend to put them into two categories: female toys and male toys. While that works for some people, for people who don't identify as male or female, lumping sex toys (which, by the way, don't have gender) into these two groups can feel exclusionary. What about sex toys for queer women and nonbinary people?

"People of the queer community — particularly queer women, femmes, and nonbinary folks — have been left out of the sex toy industry for a long time or only represented to satisfy a male gaze," Amy Boyajian, co-founder and CEO of Wild Flower, tells Bustle. "When we gender sex toys or subscribe to only certain ways of using a toy, we often leave out queer bodies and experiences, and make pleasure less accessible for these folks."

Because we all deserve pleasure, we need to talk about sex toys that don't perpetuate a sex toy gender binary, so that people who don't identify as male or female know that their pleasure is just as important as that of cisgender folks.

"Talking about toys that are best for queer folks leaves room for people to explore, use their imaginations, and follow their desires," Boyajian says, "and for all people to know that they are worthy of self-love, whatever that looks like to them."

Here seven sex toys for queer women and non-binary people.



Just launched on June 5, Enby is a sex toy that aims to satisfy all bodies and all people.

"Designed to please a variety of bodies, Enby offers the ultimate way to explore," Boyajian says. "This dynamic rechargeable vibrator can be humped, rubbed on, tucked in a harness, and placed between bodies to offer stimulation in all the right places."

The unique shape of Enby and its flexible wings can be used to stimulate and massage a variety of body parts and it has a ribbed bottom so you don't have to worry about it slip-sliding away.

"A vibe that will accommodate a range of situations, the Enby is as vast as your imagination," Boyajian says.


Magic Wand Plus

When it comes to vibrators, it's hard to overlook the Magic Wand. It's become not just a go-to vibrator for many, many people, but it's also iconic in its own right.

"Not only is the Magic Wand one of the most powerful vibrators out there (hello timely and multiple orgasms!), owning one is like owning a piece of queer history," Boyajian says. "Originally designed as a back and neck massager, the Magic Wand was quickly adopted by the emerging feminist and queer-centered sex toy stores of the '70s and '80s."


Femme Funn Booster

"Not only does this toy have the appropriate name, but the Femme Funn Booster Bullet delivers on the fun," Boyajian says. "This updated version of the ever popular Ultra Bullet is packed with even more power than its previous design. Plus it has a new feature: the Boost button, which allows for a wave of high vibrations at just the right time."

When it comes to sex toys, you can't go wrong with a bullet vibrator. Actually, the more bullet vibes you have, the better off you'll be. Compact, sleek, and ready to travel with you anywhere, whether it's the Femme Funn Booster Bullet or another one of your choosing, bullet vibes get the job done.

"Perfect to take on the go, this is an ideal companion on all your dates," Boyajian says.


LELO Sona Cruise

In the past few years, we've seen an uptick in vibrators that aren't quite vibrators. Instead, sex toys like Womanizer and Satisfyer have created toys that use the technology of air pressure, instead of vibration, to stimulate in a way that feels very reminiscent of oral sex.

"If you haven’t tried an air pressure toy yet, you need to," Boyajian says. "The Lelo Sona Cruise will blow your mind with a whole new sensation of pleasure. This toy works by blowing air in and out really quickly, and when held against the clit or nipples, feels like oral sex."

It's also silent and waterproof, which are components that make this toy even more delectable.


Satisfyer Anal Plug Kit

On of the best things about anal toys is that everyone, no matter how they identify, has a butt. Which basically means, even if anal play isn't your thing, butt toys are universal.

"Butt toys have never been this cute," Boyajian says. "The Satisfyer Anal Plug Kit offers a range of fun anal sensations while also giving me major unicorn vibes. Great for beginners, these plugs come with an easy to grip ring base and are made from the softest silicone."

So if you're ready for anal play or want to add more anal toys to your goodie drawer, this kit is for you.


VeDo Yumi Finger Vibe

"Quickly becoming one of our most popular toys, the VeDo Yumi Finger Vibe is a powerful, small vibe that’s easy to maneuver," Boyajian says. "It’s easy to grip shape makes slipping it between bodies effortlessly, while its curved shape allows for broad-based or pinpoint pleasure."

In other words, in case you haven't heard this one before: size isn't everything.


Sex Kitten Y-Style Bullet Clamps

Far too often when we think of sex toys, we neglect anything that doesn't have to do with genital stimulation. But considering how many erogenous zones the human body has, we need to broaden our horizons a bit.

"Stimulate all the right spots and look sexy while you do it," Boyajian says. "The Sex Kitten Y-Style Bullet Clamps are a treat to the eyes as well as multiple erogenous zones. The tweezer style nipple clamps offer a light pinch while the bullet can be used for additional nipple play, or for clitoral or penis stimulation."

Basically, what we have here is an all-in-one type toy.


There's a sex toy out there for everyone — it's just a matter of experimenting with different toys and sensations, before you find the ones that are the right fit. But, in the meantime, this list is a great place to start.