7 St. Patrick’s Day 2019 Poems To Help You Honor The Holiday With


There's a lot to celebrate this March: the Spring Equinox marks the official beginning of spring, the full moon is also the third supermoon of 2019, and, of course, there's St. Patrick's Day on Mar. 17. Whether you're Irish or not, you're probably looking forward to celebrating this very fun holiday. St. Patrick's Day is all about having a good time, and this year, it's on a weekend, which gives you plenty of extra hours to celebrate however you want, whether it's drinking with friends, heading to a bar crawl, checking out a parade, or just eating a whole lot of corned beef and cabbage.

While St. Patrick's Day has pretty much evolved into a really big drinking holiday (maybe one of the biggest!), it didn't start out that way, and you definitely don't have to celebrate it with a green beer in hand! If you want to take a more quiet approach to this day that is all about Irish heritage, you might want to try reading some St. Patrick's Day poems. They're interesting, beautiful, and really give you an idea of what this holiday was once all about.

After all, St. Patrick's Day started out as a feast day to honor the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. He was born in Roman Britain, kidnapped at 16-years-old and taken to Ireland as a slave, where he escaped and eventually tried converting the Irish to Christianity. St. Patrick established many monasteries, churches, and schools, and there were lots of legends about him. After his death, Ireland celebrated St. Patrick's Day with religious services and feasts. So, when you think about it, reading poems seems to make more sense on this holiday! Check out some of the best ones below: