7 Surprisingly Intimate Questions That'll Take Your Connection With Your Partner To The Next Level

David Prado Perucha/Shutterstock

If you and your partner are looking to take your connection to the next level, being open and vulnerable with each other is key. When you're able to do that, it's easier for you to build emotional intimacy in your relationship. Asking the right questions can help move your conversations from surface-level to something much deeper and more meaningful.

According to psychotherapist Laura Dabney, M.D., nothing will ever progress in your relationship unless it stands on a solid emotional foundation. That means, you both trust that you won't hurt, betray, or shame each other in any way. It also means that you have respect for each other's boundaries and you trust that you're committed to each other.

"I counsel couples and individuals alike to spend as much time reinforcing the emotional core of their relationship as the they do the physical core," Dr. Dabney says. "While there are many exercises and conversations that a coach or therapist can facilitate for you, there are an equal number of conversations that you can and should be having within the privacy of your own walls."

When you build a solid emotional foundation in your relationship, you can have a bond that lasts. So here are some surprisingly intimate questions you can ask your partner in order to take your relationship to the next level, according to experts.