9 Surprising But Effective Ways To Keep The Spark Alive In Your Relationship

Ashley Batz/Bustle

It's been said that being in love is like an addiction. When you're deliriously happy from all the intense feelings you get around your partner, you'll want to be around them as much as possible. But as many of know, being with someone who's just as excited to be around you makes these feelings that much sweeter. So, how can you grow in that love with your partner?

First, let's get really clear on what a "healthy addiction" looks like. Someone can be in total infatuation or be deeply in love with someone in a healthy way if they're still able to go to work, get their tasks done, or maintain an independent lifestyle. "If one were to develop a co-dependency to another, this would be a clear case of unhealthy addiction," Jenna Ponaman, CPC, ELI-MP tells Bustle.

It's also important to take note that trying to reignite the spark for each other is not about manipulating each other in any way. It's more about finding little hacks to deepen your bond and bring you closer together as a couple. When you're deeply in love, those butterflies can stick around long after the honeymoon period. So here are some effective ways to keep attraction alive in your relationship, according to experts.