7 Things You Absolutely Should NOT Do During Jupiter Retrograde This Year

If you're like me, you likely need to have an anvil dropped on your head before you pick up on any sort of clues. If Jupiter Retrograde is throwing some bad retrograde vibes your way, it could be because you're doing these things that Jupiter retrograde is making even more difficult for you. Unlike Mercury retrograde where the dos and don'ts are pretty clear, Jupiter tends to be a little more nuanced.

Instead of avoiding things like signing contracts, or making a big purchase as you would during Mercury retrograde, Jupiter retrograde is also about listening to your inner voice, and ignoring it could make things more difficult than they need to be.

"We all have inner wisdom if we take the time to listen to it, and Jupiter retrograde encourages just that: Take a time out, slow down and listen to your inner voice," advised. "What is it telling you to do? It should be easier to hear now."

Jupiter retrograde began on Mar. 8 and ends July 10, making this one of the longest retrograde period aside from Saturn retrograde. This means you have plenty of time get comfortable listening to your gut, which is usually right even when we wish with every fiber of our being it was wrong. To make the most of Jupiter retrograde 2018 avoid these things.


Don't Ignore Your Inner Voice

You know that little voice in your head that tries to steer you in a particular direction? During Jupiter retrograde, it's vital to listen to it. I know it can be hard to hear that pesky inner voice over the din of your competing thoughts that likely run on a loop like a crazy tilt-o-whirl, but if it's been getting louder since Mar. 8, chances are it's trying to tell you something.


Don't Settle For Less

Jupiter retrograde is an opportunity to discover your life's purpose, and to examine what is and isn't working in your romantic life. If you've been settling for less than you deserve in any area of your life, now is the time to reevaluate. Scientific research suggests that settling for less is likely something that originally helped humans adapt and survive.

"An individual might hold out to find the perfect mate but run the risk of coming up empty and leaving no progeny,” Chris Adami, Michigan State University professor of microbiology and molecular genetics, said in a study. “Settling early for the sure bet gives you an evolutionary advantage, if living in a small group.”

Luckily the universe knows better and gives you Jupiter retrograde every year so you can examine your motives and alter your decisions if that's what you want.


Don't Say "Yes" When You Mean "No"

If Jupiter retrograde has you examining your choices you may realize that you've said "yes" to some things you wish you hadn't. If you've been settling for less than you deserve and saying "yes" to jobs, relationships, and commitments that aren't making you happy, now is the time to make some changes.

I'm not suggesting you upend your whole life over night, but instead use this period to identify areas of your life that don't represent your truest self or purest intentions. Admitting that you want and deserve more is the first step to making active changes, and Jupiter Retrograde offers this opportunity.


Don't Be Careless

Because Jupiter retrograde is can also bring abundance and luck, some people may get over confident. "On the negative side, Jupiter can inspire those in its influence to overindulge a bit or even get caught up in a bit of blind optimism," Diana Price wrote on the Inquisitr.

You'll also want to make sure you're seeking balance. If you go too far in either direction on the see-saw your plans might come crashing down around you. The bottom line here is to go for your goals, but to do so carefully and with your eyes wide open.


Don't Start Anything New

This might seem to contradict what I've told you so far, but while Jupiter retrograde is the time to figure out your life's purpose, you should wait to make any sweeping changes until after the retrograde period is over. Think of Jupiter retrograde as a time of discovery versus action.

"It′s a time where new initiatives should be avoided, but you can breathe life into an old event by reevaluating it and reassessing its realistic viability for success," Astrology Answers advises.

"Correcting your mistakes in these old situations will also breathe new life into it as well, and restore your karma checks and balances. ... If we use the retrograde period for what it is intended: review, reflection, and reassessment; we can make up those tests and move forward in those areas of our life when Jupiter is direct again."


Don't Miss The Magic

Overall Jupiter retrograde is a pretty magical time of self discovery and abundance. "Unlike other retrograde planets, Jupiter retrograde... is can be quite lucky and it’s an important time for achieving growth and contentment in a particular area of life that is important to you now," Astrologer Nick Newmont reported on his website. "Unexpected good fortune is at hand with work, travel, education or a new relationship. Whatever your hopes for the future may be, this year’s Jupiter retrograde is an opportunity towards finding new ways to live out your dreams."

Take advantage of the wisdom and gifts Jupiter retrograde has to offer. And, while some of these things might not seem lucky at first, the best gifts are often the ones we don't even realize are gifts at the time. You may have to wade through some muck to find the treasures during Jupiter retrograde, but when you do they'll almost always be worth it.


Don't Take It Literally

I recommend viewing astrology similar to how you would a weather forecast. You likely check the weekly forecast before making outdoor plans, right? Astrology works the same way. How Jupiter retrograde affects you depends on many factors, including your natal chart, your sun sign, particular struggles in your life, and more.

While Jupiter retrograde is something you should be aware of, don't let it get your head all dark and twisty. Take what makes sense for you right now and leave the rest.