You Can Finally Watch The Kim Kardashian West x Desi Perkins Makeup Tutorial

Kim Kardashian West is on a world tour of beauty gurus, and fans seem to be loving it. From Patrick Star to Jaclyn Hill, she's courting some of YouTube's most famous, and a new co-star has emerged. The Desi x Kim Kardashian West makeup tutorial has officially debuted on the internet, and the guru and KKW Beauty founder are sharing secrets with their fans.

Obviously, this isn't the first time that Kardashian and collaborated with a vlogger. In fact, she's had graced the channels of Jaclyn Hill, Patrick Starr, and (hopefully) soon-to-be-seen NikkieTutorials. Basically, she's hanging out with your favorites, and we should all be jealous.

When Desi Perkins teamed up with Kim Kardashian West, however, the video was a bit different as both Perkins and Kardashian West have new products launching, and they both make gorgeous appearances in the video. Perkins' DesixKaty Dose of Colors collaboration and Kardashian West's powder contour and highlight kits were both used on the reality television star to create a stunning, smoky look.

While the makeup tutorial and new products were, of course, the most important part of the video, the pair also dropped some serious behind the scene informations. So what do fans learn in Desi x KKW?

1. Kardashian & Perkins Have Met Before

According to Perkins, she and Kardashian actually met at a Midori event in Los Angeles a few years back.

2. Kardashian Keeps All Of Her Red Carpet Dresses

Maybe you believed that everything was expendable to the Kardashians, but that's clearly not the case. Kardashian apparently has a soft spot for her former fashions and keeps them in a storage facility — including her iconic Hervé Leger frocks.

3. Kanye Has The Biggest Closet (Kind Of)

According to Kardashian, while her current closet is bigger, West has a bigger "archive" of former fashions than she does.

4. Perkins & Kardashian West Both Have An Affinity For Turquoise

When discussing their beauty regrets, both women revealed that they previously had a serious love affair with turquoise eyeshadow. Kardashian West admitted that she used to match the shadow to her clothes while Perkins found matching contacts.

5. Kardashian West May Go Blonde Again

Remember platinum blonde Kim K? She may be making a return. Kardashian West admits that she's had the itch to color her hair again.

6. Kardashian Is Most Proud Of How Approachable Her Products Are

Kardashian explained that she wanted to start her beauty line with cream contour products precisely because of their reputation for being a challenge. The reality star wanted to make the technique as approachable as possible.

7. Perkins & Kardashian Both Got Their Makeup Done At MAC For Prom

As it turns out, the pair also have MAC in common. Both women used to get their makeup done at the counter — even their prom looks.

If you want to learn more about Desi Perkins and Kim Kardashian West, check out Perkins' video for the full tutorial below.