7 Ways To Give Back This Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is the holiday of love and, as a result, it's dreaded by many. If you're worried that your single status or distaste for the holiday is going to ruin your day, think again. Romantic love is only one type of love and, while it is heavily focused on, is not the only way to celebrate February 14.

This year, use Valentine's Day as an excuse to spread love through giving back. There are so many people who have little, if any, forms of love in their lives, and yours could be an amazing addition. Plus, there are so many ways to give back, big and small, but all are so important.

There are women and children in domestic violence shelters who have been completely betrayed by love, give them clothes and support. There are muslims who worry if they are going to be kicked out of their homes — stand up for them. There are seniors who have lost the love of their lives — talk with them.

Each person deserves love this Valentine's Day. So consider skipping the love-hating party this year, and consider make someone else's life better. Odds are you'll probably feel better at the end of the day too.

Here are some ideas for how to give back:


Donate Clothes


While it's common to give to organizations such as Goodwill, consider donating to shelters for women, recovering addicts, or any other cause.

Daily clothing is always needed but interview attire can be great for helping these people can back on their feet. If you want to buy something, consider socks, an under-donated, but very necessary item.


Volunteer At A Domestic Violence Shelter


If you want to go to the next level, consider volunteering your time at a local domestic violence shelter. This can be anything from playing with the children of the women to offering phone support to women still in heartbreaking situations.

Read a few testimonials here.


Make Care Packages For The Homeless


Get your friends together to make goodie bags. Great things to include are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, mini water bottles, tampons, socks, and bandaids. Even a little note saying "Happy Valentine's Day" inside it could go a long way to lift someone's spirit.


Buy Products That Benefit ACLU And Planned Parenthood

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What's better than getting yourself, or a friend, a present that helps others? Paravel has recently introduced their Causes Initiative with 10 percent of sales of these "woke" products going to the ACLU.

While Adornia is donating 10 percent of sales from their "NASTY" necklace to Planned Parenthood.

Here are many more products you can buy.


Spend Time At A Senior Care Center


When I was in high school, I spent two afternoons a week volunteering at an alzheimer center. While I was there, I heard their stories and made sure they didn't feel alone. It was incredibly rewarding and something I highly recommend.


Call Your Senators


Activists say that calling senators has a bigger impact than writing or emailing. Do you have an issue you are passionate about? You hold power as a voter. Use the app Voices to determine who your representatives are and call them directly off the app.


Sign Up To Be An Organ Donor

Becoming an organ donor is an amazing decision to make. Only 45 percent of Americans are organ donors and roughly 21 people die each day because they did not receive a transplant. In New York alone, about 10,000 people are waiting for an organ donation. Registration is easy and can be done here.

Reinvent how you view Valentine's Day as a time to spread love of all kinds. Everyone needs love and we each have it to give. Any little thing you do will make someone's day brighter. What's a better way to celebrate the holiday than that?