If Your Skincare Always Disappears Faster Than You Think, This Could Be Why

by Aoife Hanna
Stocksy/Leandro Crespi

Looking after your skin is like an investment in your facial future. The skin you care for in your youth is the skin you inherit in your old age. Some might say it is the best investment you will ever make. And guys, if you haven't already — I think it's time to invest. Spending that dough on yourself will set you up for a whole hosts of benefits. Or will it? Because a new study reveals that seven out of ten men steal their girlfriend's skincare. Meaning, hey, if your other half is glowing right now, it might be time to ask some questions.

Yep, that's right. If you're straight, it looks like your S.O. has been nabbing your too-expensive-but-you-must-have-it serum. I'm fuming on your behalf. The research by legendary skincare brand Olay, and reported by Pretty52, found that 78 percent of the men polled couldn't be bothered to go out and buy their own personal skincare products, so they just nip into their GF's drawer and nab a bit of those products instead. Apologies to anyone who is currently side-eying their fellas but, guys, you needed to know the truth about this.

Yes, you may be taking care with your pea sized amounts but it looks like your nearest and dearest over there is potentially slathering it all over his face and neck as we speak. Using upwards motions and everything. It doesn't bear THINKING about. But that said, those with sister or housemates will know how tempting it is when you see that pot of eye serum that you just read an incredible review of.

According to the study, a third claim they accidentally grabbed the wrong item in the cupboard. Which sounds a little convenient to me but, you know, bless them for trying to cover their tracks. But you know what's interesting? A fifth claim that they actually believe that women's products are more efficient than those designed for men and will keep them looking younger for longer. Yes, the hype has worked on them.

Perhaps the most powerful take away from this study is that skincare really doesn't need to be gendered. I am pretty sure that changing the packaging on a product and adding a hint of musky aftershave is just about the least necessary change to a product ever. Also, from the point of view of women, it's especially galling since numerous studies have shown that women pay more for the same products as men. As Business Insider reports, the Pink Tax has been widely acknowledged since a 1995 study found women are compelled to hand out an extra $1,351 for exactly the same products as men.

The fact is, many products are absolutely needlessly gendered. Only last year I reported on Kleenex finally dropping the men size tissues brand. So next time you are doing a skincare order, why not ask your bae if they want to pitch in to help cover that Pink Tax. Because even true love doesn't make it OK to nick your serum.