8 Habits ALL Of Us Can Learn From People Who Naturally Wake Up Early

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Sometimes it seems that you are either born a morning person, or not so much. For many, getting up early is a tall order. But if it's something you are interested in working into your life, it's not as impossible as it may seem. There are simply some habits of morning people that help to keep them up and at it early every day. Yes, it will be difficult at first, but implementing a few new routines could make you a morning person yourself before you know it!

And truly, if you are someone who struggles to get up with the donut makers, you’re not the only one. Again, part of becoming a morning person is simply doing it on a regular basis.

"People who wake up early just make it a habit and once anything becomes a habit, it's much easier to continue to do," Dr. Catherine Jackson, licensed psychologist and board certified neurotherapist tells Bustle. "Keeping a regular schedule helps your brain and body to know what comes next."

So, if you are in the market for a new morning routine, one that involves waking up with the sunrise and taking in the chirping birds, take a look below at some of the ways early risers stay early risers.


They Keep A Regular Sleep Schedule

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Yep, and they even do it on weekends.

"Early risers typically keep a more regular schedule," Dr. Jackson says. "Usually, people who wake up early go to sleep and wake up around the same time." And that's what leads to consistent habits in other areas of life as well, she says.

Practicing sleep hygiene and trying to keep a regular bedtime for just one week to start out can help reboot your body clock.


They Often Have A Spiritual Or Motivational Practice

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Whether it's five minutes of meditation, a short outdoor walk, or doing some journaling, many morning people work in a spiritual practice in the morning.

"Some people awake early to make sure they can get their spiritual time in, time to pray, meditate or do yoga before beginning their day," Dr. Jackson says. "Often this time helps to get the day off on the right foot and helps people center themselves and their thoughts."


They Exercise First Thing

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While it might seem less than ideal to put on your sneakers or unroll that yoga mat in the morning, Dr. Jackson says that many people who wake up early do so to get their work out in before starting their day.

"The work out gives them energy to help them get through the rest of the day," she says. And that in and of itself is enough to cement and maintain the habit.


They Get Productive In The Morning

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Often people who wake up early get things done before the hustle and bustle of the day, Dr. Jackson says.

"Some people can finish reports or clear out emails before starting new tasks," she says. "For some early risers, it gives them a sense of control."

Not to mention, easing into the day and getting even a little busy work accomplished is far less stressful than hitting the ground running as soon as the alarm sounds.


There's No Internal Debate About When To Get Up

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Ultimately, people who get up early don't "choose" to get up early every day, therapist and coach Tess Brigham, tells Bustle. They don't lay in bed thinking about whether or not they should stay there or not.

"When the alarm goes off they've made the commitment to themselves to wake up so there isn't an internal debate about it," says Brigham.

So, when you start doubting it's time to greet the day, simply recognize you've started to fight with yourself about it, and try to get up anyway!


They Don't Hit Snooze


Brigham says that people who wake up early know that the snooze alarm is not your friend. If they use an alarm, they get up after the first ring.

"Despite what you think you're not getting 'extra' sleep that will make you feel more rested," Brigham says.

While it's tempting to give yourself that extra five or ten, she says that the best thing you can do is move your alarm clock across the room so you can't hit the snooze.

"Once it becomes a habit, you can always put it back on your side table," she says.


They Make Plans In The Morning

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Whether it's breakfast with the BFF or signing up for a yoga class first thing with a fave coworker, early birds continue to get the worm by scheduling morning activities with other people.

"Social obligation is a great motivator," sleep health expert Martin Reed tells Bustle. "The last thing most of us want to do is let down a friend, so this can really help us stick to a plan and turn our goals into habits."


They Eat Breakfast


Perhaps it really is the most important meal of the day. As sleep expert Julie Lambert tells Bustle, when you’re waking up early, you actually have time to take it slow and enjoy the food you like. Not only could delicious pancakes and yogurt parfaits be motivation, your body remembers the boost of energy it feels after eating.

While getting up with the sun doesn't necessarily feel like a natural way of life to everyone, if you want to start, you definitely can. And hey, slipping up from time to time and sleeping until noon can't hurt that much, can it?