8 Holiday Audiobooks To Listen To As A Family

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Want to get your family in the holiday spirit, but sick of hearing the same old songs every day? Because someone in your brood can only hear "Baby It's Cold Outside" so many times before they smash the stereo to bits, you need a collection of great holiday audiobooks to listen to as a family, and I've got eight suggestions to get you started.

The holidays are a stressful time, so it's important to mitigate negativity where and when you can. Family squabbles will happen, sure, but having a fun and engaging story to listen to lessens the number of under-the-table kicks and he's staring at mes you'll endure this season. Plus, having a shared experience means that everyone can focus more on what's important. Sure, you could re-watch the Harry Potter movies and call it a day, but I think we can all agree that books are better.

With just eight titles on it, this list of holiday audiobooks to listen to as a family is nowhere near exhaustive, so, after you've finished up here, please be sure to share your own wintry favorites with all of us on Twitter, especially if you're celebrating a holiday other than Christmas, or a secular version of it.

Here are eight great holiday audiobooks for you to listen to as a family this year.