8 People To Follow To Diversify Your Twitter Feed


You likely live in a bubble. Not a hypoallergenic, plastic bubble. (Sup, Jake Gyllenhaal circa '01?) A social media bubble that is turning your newsfeed into an echo chamber. If you often feel like you're just scrolling through different 140-character versions of the same tweet, chances are you need to make your Twitter feed more diverse.

Especially when it comes to political views, social media can be a powerful, mind-changing tool. It’s not breaking news that hearing a perspective other than your own can help you learn and grow. But are you even seeing those perspectives when it comes to your social feeds?

Consider this: A study from Pew Research Center last year found that black people are more likely to see race-related posts on their social feeds than white people surveyed. Again, it’s not breaking news that race is likely more top-of-mind for people of color than it is for white people. But while this disparity in the race conversation may seem disheartening, there is something you can very easily do to make your social media bubble a little less insular: Follow more people of color on social media.

If the current political conversations on race have you feeling some type of way or you aren’t sure how to talk about race on social media, start by listening. Here are a few people of color you can start listening to.

Akilah Hughes

Akilah is a comedian and YouTuber who should be on every list of "People You Should Be Paying Attention To." If you aren't familiar with her work, this video on intersectionality and pizza is a good place to start. Follow on Twitter @AkilahObviously.

DeRay Mckesson

Want to know what activism looks and sounds like? Follow DeRay. He's a civil rights activist whose Resistance Manual is a great starting guide for embodying progress in the Trump era. Follow on Twitter @deray.

Kumail Nanjiani

You likely know Kumail from Silicon Valley. Not Big Bang Theory (ahem). His thread on representation in Rogue One is reason enough to follow him, but if you need more 1) he's funny and 2) I said so. Go ahead. I'll wait. Follow on Twitter @kumailn.

Franchesca Ramsey

I've been obsessed with Franchesca since I saw this video explaining privilege with a snail and a caterpillar. (Animated by Kat Blaque, who you should also be following!) She's badass and brilliant, and her Twitter bio puts it best: "My activism is intersectional. my morals are non negotiable." Follow on Twitter @chescaleigh.

Heben Nigatu

You have Heben to thank for filling your newsfeed with #CarefreeBlackKids last summer. She's a writer and co-host of Another Round with Tracy Clayton, a podcast you should also follow while you're at it. Follow on Twitter @heavenrants.

Janet Mock

Janet is a best-selling author, activist, and the first trans woman of color to host a talk show on TV (So POPular! on MSNBC). If you have Twitter and aren't following her, do you really have Twitter at all? Follow @janetmock.

Ana Navarro

Ana is probably the first conservative news correspondent to have me shouting YAS! at my TV. A conservative voice you won't regret having in your feed, she consistently calls out Trump and the GOP on CNN. Follow on Twitter @ananavarro.

Constance Wu

Soon-to-be star of Crazy Rich Asians and forever star of my heart, Constance Wu is the queen of shutting down Hollywood nonsense on Twitter. You need to read Constance's response to Casey Affleck's Oscar nomination. Then, improve your newsfeed/life and follow her on Twitter @ConstanceWu.