These 'PLL' Theories About Spencer Are A Wild Ride

by Kristie Rohwedder
Eric McCandless/Freeform

I do not know how Pretty Little Liars will end. I don’t know who will survive, who will die, who will come forward as A.D., who will admit they’ve aligned with A.D., or what the Liars will do when this sinister game finally draws to a close. (Heck, I don’t even know if this sinister game will ever draw to a close. What if the finale offers up an “…And they all continued to battle A.D. happily ever after” epilogue? Wouldn't put it past PLL.) And I really do not know what the Pretty Little Liars finale will hold for Spencer Hastings.

For the last seven years, I. Marlene King’s mystery series has led viewers on a twisting, confounding, and occasionally straight up dark ride. And as this glorious ghost train of a program careens toward its final stop, the questions continue to pile up like used coffee filters in the Hastings house. One of the many festering mysteries: What will Spencer’s PLL ending look like? Because I'll be darned if the show hasn't hinted at a Spencer twist.

Though I can't say what the finale has in store for Alison DiLaurentis’ cousin, I will say that I can count on Reddit for theories that’ll keep my mind running a mile minute. If you prefer to watch PLL without predictions clouding your viewing experience, then maybe turn back now? No shame, no judgment. But if you’re down to clown, please stick around for a few noteworthy theories about our dear Spencer. (If you're not caught up, fair warning: spoilers ahead.)

Theory #1: Spencer Has A Twin

The Spencer Twin Theory is the Spencer theory (and has been for quite some time), but the theories about The Spencer Twin Theory are where stuff gets really wild. Please consider Redditor ImASexyFashionCactus' post:

Spencer is A.D. Or Twin Spencer is A.D. Spencer has a twin that switched places with her when she went to Radley in season 3, who had been posing as Spencer ever since then.

And ImASexyFashionCactus' hypothesis only gets better from there. Be sure to check it out in its entirety.

Theory #2: Spencer Has A Twin And...

...Spencer has been hiding since the time jump. And the Spencer we’ve seen since the show flashed forward isn’t actually Spencer, but Spencer’s secret twin. Redditor Fadevisitor wrote,

I know we were all dying over the airport scene but the cabin scene with Toby was on another level of "this is not Spencer". Part of me feels like the real Spencer has been MIA since the time jump and has been replaced by the twin. If this is true I think Toby knows this and only slept with her to hide the fact that he knows while real Spencer is just like, hanging out in the cabin's bathroom or something? Idk it just seemed off and Toby seemed to think/know it was off as well.

Oh, that is dark. I mean, most of these theories are dark, but the thought of the real Spencer waiting in the bathroom while a grieving Toby hooks up with Spencer's twin gives me the willies.

Theory #3: Spencer Has A Twin And...

...Spencer's twin is actually the Spencer that was on the show before things flashed forward. Take it away, Redditor happilyhastings:

has anyone considered that the potential Spencer twin could actually be the real Spencer we knew before the time jump? it would explain the weird Hanna barn dream in 7x01, the kiss with Toby in 7x10, encounter with Wren in 7x15, and the Spoby scene in 7x18...these are all the moments that were suspected to be the twin, and they are all commonly linked to her high school / pre-jump past. She could be trying to get her old life back. Twin comes in, takes over her life, and leaves old Spencer stranded. Kinda like the Ali story in the books.

My head just exploded.

Theory #4: Spencer Has A Twin And...

...It’s Bethany Young. Oh, and she killed the real Spencer. I'll let Redditor MaybeBabyToby take it from here:

Last night's episode made me wonder whether Marlene has kept it similar to the books and instead of Courtney and Ali, it's Spencer and Bethany. Spencer is in the grave and Bethany the evil one we see …. Spencer is the one who ends up in Radley but she breaks out 'that night' and evil one kills her with a shovel ... Melissa probably knew about the twin but not that the evil one is still alive. She probably thought she saw Spencer killed evil one.


Theory #5: Spencer Has Multiple Personality Disorder

Redditor bladehider posited,

Even if you're not on the twin theory, split personality theory, you can't deny that Spencer has been acting different. After everything she's been through, it would make sense. It would be heartbreaking to the girls and it would explain's Tyler [Blackburn]’s 'you haven't seen them but you have'. And I'm thinking they're leading us onto the twin theory, revealing that it's Spencer. And then the twist comes, where it's actually her. She's been doing it from the start, just not always. Just when she's another personality, she is doing it. And don't forget, Uber A is the 'smartest' out of all of them.

If this is the case, I hope the series handles it as respectfully as possible.

Theory #6: Spencer’s Sister, Melissa, Has A Twin

OK, this one is more about Melissa than it is about Spencer, but it’s Spencer-adjacent enough. Please consider the following from Redditor MelissAisAD:

I believe that the MelissA that we have seen since That Night is really Bethany Young!
THEY ARE TWINS and Melissa is actually dead and got killed by Bethany on That Night..... Bethany went there to kill her twin sister and to take on her identity!
That would also explain that weird convo of Melissa and Spencer....where Spencer asked her if she remembered that time that she threatened someone about ever picking on Spencer and her NOT HAVING ANY RECOLLECTION OF THAT HAPPENING!


Theory #7: Bethany Young Got A Face Transplant To Look Like Spencer

Redditor J2thK theorized, “What if it’s not a twin but a face transplant. Like in that John Travolta movie. AD has had a face transplant to look like someone else.”

And Redditor covermaker replied, “Yeah, Bethany lost her face in the Jenna Thing fire and got Spencer's face.”

Oh, my gosh. If PLL goes full Face/Off on us, I will fall off my couch and log roll around my living room until I fall asleep.

Theory #8: A.D. Has Spencer’s Receipt

In a moment of panic, Caleb and Hannah flooded the Radley’s storage closet before they could locate Spencer's receipt. Er, the Spencer and "Rollins" receipt. That won’t come back to haunt the Liars, right?

Here’s a theory from Redditor snozzleberriess:

Hannah couldn't find [the receipt] in the box. I think AD grabbed it before they could look for it and will use it to incriminate Spencer for Rollin's murder.

Oh, totally. I’d bet money that A.D. will use Chekov’s receipt against Spencer. Unless, of course, Spencer is A.D. Or unless Spencer is actually Beth-A.D. Young wearing Spencer's face. Oh, man. I'm still not over the Face/Off theory. I may never be over the Face/Off theory. Forever rooting for the Face/Off theory.