An 8-Year-Old Wrote A Bestseller About Her Annoying Younger Brother, And It's The Cutest Thing Ever

Remember when you were little and you dreamed of being a bestselling author? Well, Nia Mya Reese didn't just dream of it; she did it. The amazing eight-year-old wrote a bestselling book about her annoying younger brother — a topic that I'm sure is very relatable to a lot of her readers. How to Deal with and Care for Your Annoying Little Brother is already an Amazon bestseller, all thanks to Nia Mya's fantastic big-sibling advice, and the town mayor even attended the young author's latest book signing.

The inspiration for the book came an assignment set to Nia Mya's first grade class, in which they were told to write about something they have learned to excel in. Nia Mya knew what she was good at: being a wonderful older sister to her "downright annoying" five-year-old brother Ronald Michael. As she told CBS, he's not always easy to play with; when they play with a ball, "the ball just goes flying everywhere." And if that doesn't sound challenging enough, Nia Mya added: "And it sometimes hits me." Little brothers, hey? But despite his flaws, Nia Mya really does love being an older sister, and prides herself on caring for Ronald Michael.

After Nia Mya wrote all about her experience as an older sister for her assignment, her mother suggested that she keep working on the book over the summer — and the rest is history. The impressive young author told CBS that the book only took her "a few days," a fact which is bound to make the rest of us aspiring authors more than a little jealous. But in those few days, Nia Mya managed to craft an inspiring story about being patient, kind, and loving — even when your annoying little brother just won't listen.

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The eight-year-old's book about her annoying brother has inspired countless older siblings to better care for their own kid brothers, and Nia Mya says that the lessons in her book have also inspired her classmates that they can do better in school if they disguise learning as fun. But best of all, she's taught herself something truly inspirational, saying: "I've learned to follow my own dreams." I hope Ronald Michael appreciates what a special older sister he's got.

How to Deal with and Care for Your Annoying Little Brother by Nia Mya Reese, $9.99, Amazon