Here's A List Of The Rumored Royal Baby Names That Would Totally Break Convention

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Baby Sussex is coming, which means that soon we won't have to call them "Baby Sussex" anymore and will have an actual name to use. But what will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's baby's name be? There are certain names that have the best odds (because, duh, people actually bet on this stuff), but there are also some names that have been thrown around that would be pretty unconventional by royal standards.

Basically, the names in the royal family usually sound pretty plain and sometimes old-fashioned. Prince Harry's full name is Henry Charles Albert David — all of which are names that had been used in the royal family before, with "David" being the least common over the years. And names are repeated a lot in the family. Prince William's full name is William Arthur Philip Louis, and his sons are George Alexander Louis and Louis Arthur Charles.

The child of Markle and Harry is never going to be the King or Queen of England or even the son or daughter of the monarch (unless something truly horrific happens), so maybe the new parents will switch things up a little bit when it comes to the name they choose. They wouldn't be the first ones to do so: Princess Anne named her daughter Zara; Zara then named her children Mia and Lena.

Here are some of the names that have been mentioned — in a variety of ways — that would definitely be unconventional if they were used.

Kylie or Shane

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This past fall, Harry and Markle visited Australia right after her pregnancy was announced. And in November, when he spoke at the Australia House in London, Prince Charles joked about the couple choosing some very Australian names. "Incidentally ladies and gentlemen my son Harry tells me that during their recent tour of Australia, he and his wife were offered countless thoughtful suggestions for the naming of their forthcoming baby," Charles said, according to the Evening Standard. "Just between us, I suspect that Kylie and Shane may possibly make the shortlist." Twitter would explode of Baby Sussex became Baby Kylie.

Olivia Or Oliver, Emma Or Liam

As noted by the Telegraph, the most popular baby names for girls and boys in the U.K. in 2017 were Olivia and Oliver, respectively. In the U.S., they were Emma and Liam. (The 2018 ranking isn't out yet.) Harry and Markle are probably pretty good at resisting a trend, but sometimes a name just gets stuck in your head and you can't shake it. None of these names are too wild, and, hey, if they go with Liam, it could be short for William.


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It is widely thought that Markle and Harry will honor Harry's mother, Diana, with the name they choose, either as a first name or a middle name. So, maybe they'll use Markle's mom's name, Doria, too. In the royal family, it's far from unconventional to name your kid after someone else; it's just that this name hasn't been used before.


As reported by Cosmopolitan, when he was in Australia, Harry met a baby named Harriet and told her mom, "That's a great name." Harry probably won't give his baby a name so close to his own, but if he does, the Australian Harriet will have a story she can pass on for generations.


According to Hello!, Markle once wrote on her lifestyle blog, The Tig, that one of her favorite baby name is (or was) Grey. Grey Wales is a pretty badass name.

Not Naming The Baby Elizabeth If She's A Girl

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Hello! has pointed out that a lot of girls and women in the immediate royal family, who have been born since Elizabeth took the throne have been named after her: Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise, Zara Anne Elizabeth, Lena Elizabeth, Beatrice Elizabeth Mary, Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary, Isla Elizabeth, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Harry and Markle can't be certain they'll have another girl — if they even decide to have more kids at all — so it would be pretty surprising at this point if Elizabeth isn't included in the name.

Whether they go with Elizabeth Doria Diana or Kylie Grey, it won't be long now until we find out.