9 Brilliant Tattoos For People Who Love Their Moms

One of the biggest considerations, when it comes to getting a tattoo, is how meaningful you want it to be. Sometimes it's fun to get a tattoo just for the heck of it, or to choose a design based solely on how it looks. But if you want your ink to have an extra dose meaning, one of the best ways to do that is with a tattoo that honors your mom.

Whether she's still in your life or not, there's no denying how sweet a "mom" tattoo can be. Not only will it help remind you of her whenever you see it. But if she knows you got the ink specifically for her, it can prove to be a beautiful, bonding moment — and one that you can take with you wherever you go.

"A tattoo to honor your mom (or someone you love) is a great way to hold onto wonderful memories [...] and can serve as a tribute to an unbreakable bond that you have with them," Leo Palomino, a tattoo artist at Atomic Tattoos in Orlando, tells Bustle. "For people who have lost their mother or a loved one it is a great way memorialize them, to heal if you are grieving, and to remember the good times you shared." Here are a few brilliant tattoo ideas to honor your mom that you may want to consider, according to experts.

An Image Of Something She Loves

"One of the most memorable tattoo ideas that you can get to honor your mother is one that is representative of something she is passionate about," Palomino says. Does she love plants? The beach? Motorcycles? Whatever it may be, getting a tattoo that alludes to something she enjoys can mean a lot.

A "Motherly" Symbol

Think back throughout history, and all the symbols that have come to represent mothers and femininity, such as the moon, flowers, certain animals, and so on. And see if you can draw inspiration from there.

"Sometimes a symbol says more than words," author and astrologer Lisa Barretta, tells Bustle. "Popular symbols often used are the moon, showing the feminine aspect of life, a mother bear, showing protection, [or] a mandala, representing an expansion from a center point (the mother). The symbol you choose and also where you put it on your body speaks volumes."

The Classic "Mom" Tattoo, With A Twist

There's something really sweet about the classic "mom" tattoo, which is often surrounded by hearts and ribbons, Palomino says. This is a design folks have been getting for years, but it can definitely be done to your specifications, to give it a more modern look.

Her Signature, Name, Or Nickname

"Some people choose to have their mom's name tattooed in a fancy script," Palomino says. For an extra bit of meaning, you can even take a sample of her handwriting, or a photo of her signature, and have it copied exactly.

A Sweet Note

Going off the handwriting idea, scour your drawers for sweet notes from your mom, such as birthday cards or little messages she's left you over the years, and ask your tattoo artist to copy it.

This is one idea that'll be incredibly unique to your mom — and shows the connection between you.

Something Unique That Reminds You Of Her

Even if the tattoo has nothing directly to do with your mom's tastes or preferences, you can show your love by getting something that makes you think of her.

For this type of tattoo, the location can also add meaning. You might put it on your wrist, so it's there whenever you glance down. Or you could put it on the back of your legs, for the whole world to see. As Palomino says, the choice is up to you.

A Meaningful Date

If you want to be more subtle with your tribute to your mom, consider a small but meaningful date — such as her birthday. You can also ask her about the best days of her life, and get those dates as well. You can even mark an important date for something you did together, such as a big trip abroad.

Her Favorite Painting

If your mom is into art, then nothing could be more meaningful than a replica of her favorite piece. Not only will it be a beautiful to look at it, all on its own, but what it means to your mom will make it even more special.

A Quote From Her Favorite Book

Does your mom have a favorite book she reads again and again? Or a particular quote she's always repeating? If so, turning the passage into a tattoo may be the perfect way to show your love for her.

Of course, there are even more tattoo ideas to honor your mom. The choice is up to you to decide what's meaningful — and what fits your style.