9 Butt Plugs For Beginners

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Even if you've yet to delve into anal play, there's a pretty good chance you've thought about it. Whether it's crossed your mind in a "thanks, but no thanks" way, or a "well, maybe... someday" way, the point is that anal play may have bounced around your head. For some it's bounced right out, while for others, it's bounced around enough that they've been eyeing anal play toys.

"One of the great things about anal play is that folks of any gender and orientation can enjoy it, not just gay men (obviously)," Alicia Sinclair, Founder and CEO of b-Vibe, tells Bustle. "The sensations and experiences that feel good to you have nothing to do with your sexual orientation or gender. It’s kind of like how the food that you enjoy is a totally different question than who you want to have dinner with."

If you're one of those people who just can't shake the idea of anal play from your brain and you're looking to go down that avenue and explore it, you may want to start small. Unlike pizza where it makes sense to jump in and immediately go for the biggest size, when it comes to butt plugs, you start little, then work you're way up. Here are nine butt plugs for first timers.


b-Vibe Novice Plug

When it comes to butt plugs for beginners, you can't get anymore beginner than b-Vibe's Novice Plug. Even the name alone is enough to put anyone who's new to anal play at ease. With its small tip that slightly enlarges in girth, the shape and texture is exactly the butt plug you need to get started.


2. Icicles P-Spot Plug

Although marketed as a prostate massager (p-spot), this butt plug is small enough for anyone who's new to butt plugs. Not only is it a great size, but it also has two other things going for it. First of all, it's made of nonporous hypoallergenic glass, so not only does it have a different feel than silicone toys, but it can be heated up or chilled for even more sensation variation. Secondly, it has a ring for easy removal if you're playing solo or for your partner to remove it just as you climax which, again, adds a whole level of sensation on top of your orgasm.


b-Vibe Snug Plug 1

If want more than the Novice Plug, in terms of weight, then Snug Plug 1 is what you want. Although the first and smallest in a series of four Snug Plugs, Snug Plug 1 has just enough weight to it to give a full feeling that some people crave during anal play, but without being so large that it intimidates.


4. Ooh Mini Butt Plug

If you're thinking that the Novice and the Snug Plug are still a little much, then Je Joue's Ooh Mini Butt Plug, part of their "mix and match" series, is so small in diameter and length that it's not much bigger than a thumb. Lube it up, and let the fun begin. It also has a battery option, if you want to give your butt a little buzz.


b-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite

Once you start feeling comfortable with the how a butt plug feels, then you might want to add another sensation to the mix: vibration. Still just as beginner-friendly as Novice Plug or Butt Plug Mini, the Rimming Plug Petite introduces the perfect amount of vibration to your anal play.


We-Vibe Ditto

What makes We-Vibe's Ditto a winning choice for first time butt plug users is that its shape is gentle — in fact, I think that might be the best word for it. It also has We-Vibe's We-Connect app, so even if you're up for some anal play with your partner and they're half a world away, you can definitely still enjoy that.


Fun Toys Plug Small

While many butt plugs for beginners start tapered then slowly get larger in girth, this particular plug doesn't mess around with doing anything slowly; it gets straight to the girth business. But because the entire plug is so small to begin with, it's still an ideal choice for newbies — so don't let that shape scare you!


Rosie Plug

Admittedly, sex toys can be pretty pricey. But you have to keep in mind that what you're buying isn't just a toy, but a body-friendly item that's made of the finest body-safe materials around. However, if you're on a budget and really can't drop much money on a butt plug because you're not even sure it's going to be your scene, then the Rosie Plug is a great option. It's inexpensive, especially in the world of sex toys, and has a small tapered tip that will make insertion easy peasy.


Beginner Buttstuff Bundle

For those who just can't decide on where to start with beginner butt plug options, b-Vibe makes it easy with this bundle made specifically for first timers. The Beginner Buttstuff Bundle includes one vibrating plug, one non-vibrating plug, lube, and a foam cleanser. When it comes to sex toys, it's extremely important to keep them clean, especially if you're sharing them with your partner. Cleanliness is even more paramount with it comes to butt stuff.

Anal play can be a lot of fun and butt plugs are the best place to start. So grab the lube and give one — or all — of these butt plugs a try.