9 Dates To Take Yourself On In January 2019

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Now that the hangover — both literal and metaphorical — is starting to wear off, you may be wondering what you should be doing this January to embrace the New Year. And while there's typically a big emphasis on dating or bettering your love life in the New Year, it's important to spend some time working on your relationship with yourself, too. In fact, January is the perfect month for going on a solo date  — a date with no one but yourself.

Having solo dates is always needed for recalibration,” Thomas Edwards, founder of The Professional Wingman, tells Bustle. “Sometimes, you’re the only one who can enjoy certain things, and it’s important to take time to continue doing so, whether you’re in a relationship or not. At the end of the day, if you like yourself, why not go out with yourself on a date?”

Solo dates can be especially useful in January, when people tend to feel a little down, restless, and broke. Picking some wholesome — and cheap — activities to do on your own can make the month a little happier. Here are some perfect solo date ideas for this January.

1Explore A Museum


Going to a museum is the perfect solo date, because you can go at your own speed, listen to an audio tour or to music, and really be focused on the experience. Will you feel cultured? Should you wear a beret? Almost certainly, yes.

2Take Yourself Out To Dinner


It's not a nice feeling when you go out for dinner with someone and end up paying for half of their expensive wine and entree choices. Instead, take yourself out for a meal and only pay for the things you actually love. Plus, it's a great way to spend some time in your own company.

3Go For A Hike

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If you want to get back in touch with nature, taking yourself for an outdoor adventure is a perfect way to clear your head and get some endorphins rushing — and feel a sense of accomplishment at the end.

4Go To A Movie


Buying a ticket for one might feel awkward the first time, but sitting alone in the anonymity of a movie theater — watching something you actually want to be seeing — can be pure bliss.

5Take Your Favorite Book To A Coffee Shop


If you want to feel warm and cozy this January, taking a great book to a comfortable coffee shop is a great way to spend an afternoon — and much cheaper than some other date night options.

6Go On An Overnight Trip


Solo travel can be a really empowering, life-affirming experience. If you're not ready to grab a backpack and head around South-East Asia quite yet, start by taking a trip for just one night.

7Go To A Spa

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If you really want to rest and recharge, a spa date for one can be a great opportunity to find your inner zen. Book it for a massage or a facial — or just hit up the steam room at a local gym if you want to do it on the cheap.

8Go Out For Fancy Cocktails


If you enjoy a good, stiff drink, there's no reason you can't do it solo. Take a book or your favorite podcast and head out to a local bar — or find a happy hour if you want to do a cheaper version.

9Go To An Art Class


Art classes, like life drawing, are often cheap and allow you to just pay a drop-in free and a donation toward material. Get in touch with your inner artist — or lack there of — and try to just have fun with it.

A date for one is a great form of self-care and a way to get in touch with your thoughts and mood. It may feel a little weird at first, but with a little practice it can be an empowering, exciting way to pass the time.