9 Extra New Year's Eve Nail Tutorials For People Who Love Being Over The Top

A glittery dress isn't the only way to make a statement for the upcoming holiday. These nine over-the-top New Year's Eve nail tutorials are so extra that you'll be heading into 2018 making a serious statement. Yes, you can have a mani as bright as the ball that's dropping. Because a little bit of polish goes a long way.

If there's a time to be a little extra, it's to ring in the new year. While there are tons on minimalist nail art out there, some people would rather go bold. After a year filled with trends like wavy eyebrows, nose hair extensions, and even snow globe holiday nails, it only makes sense to finish off 2017 in the same way.

Whether you're looking to go 2D with glitter and fun designs or glue some accessories on, there's inspiration out there for you. YouTube has been coming up with New Year's nail art since, well, the beginning of the platform and each one gets better every single year. To no surprise, the most over-the-top ones are coming this year.

Here are some of the most over-the-top New Year's nail art tutorials out there, so you can bring all the best trends to the new year.

1. 2018 Mani

This nail tutorial makes a statement, but is actually a heck of a lot easier than it seems at first glance. All you need is some nail polish, jewels, and a little bit of patience. Just remember to put "2018" instead.

2. 4D New Years Clock

If this isn't the ultimate New Year's Eve nail tutorial, then I don't know what is. This mani includes an actual spinning clock, so you can count down the minutes until the ball drops. Although you'll need more than just polish.

3. Three Ways To Shine

No matter what you have on hand, there's a way to shine. This tutorial shows three different shattered glass tutorials, so you can be as sparkly as the ball that's dropping.

4. Popping Champagne

You might not be able to actually pop the bottle until 5pm, but you can start the party on your nails well before the big day. You might not remember the memories of the night, but everyone will remember this mani.

5. Ball Drop Nails

Whether you're going to Times Square or just watching it from home, these nails are the perfect way to embrace the holiday. It's the perfect mix of extra and just enough.

6. 3D Champagne Bottle

This isn't exactly what your friends mean when they say BYOB, but it's definitely a way to go over the top. It's actually surprisingly simple to achieve.

7. Midnight Blue Clock

Not only is this clock absolutely extra, there's even a little bit of art to go around it. I will admit that the midnight blue color behind it is genius as well. You could easily just do the clock, if you want to go more minimal.

8. Clear Shattered Glass

If the holographic New Year's Eve ball is a little too basic for you, you'll love this one. The look features clear nails. Because 2018 is the year to experiment with new trends.

9. All Trends In One

Can't decide on just one trend? No worries. You can find every single one — from high glitter to minimalist clocks — in the tutorial. Pick your favorites or do them all in one. Either way you really can't go wrong.

With these nail tutorials, your New Year's Eve will be the most extravagant ones yet. The best part is that these are perfect for any occasion. Whether you're showing them ff to friends or just sharing them on you Instagram, you can't go wrong.