9 'Gilmore Girls' Episodes That Will Put You In The Halloween Spirit


It's fall, and that can only mean two things: It's time to marathon Gilmore Girls and celebrate Halloween. Now at first glance, these two things may appear to be unrelated, but that couldn't be further from the truth. You see, there are actually a number of Gilmore Girls episodes that are perfect for Halloween, and they will go a long way toward getting you ready for everybody's favorite fall holiday.

If you think about it, Gilmore Girls and Halloween go together like Luke and Lorelai. It could be argued that Gilmore Girls, and by association Stars Hollow, are at their most charming in the fall. Coffee tastes better, there's a slight chill in the air, and the leaves change to delightful hues of orange and red. Why, you can practically hear Carole King singing "Where You Lead" if you listen closely enough. But fall also has another side, a Halloween side. One that's filled with costumes and candy, pumpkins and ghosts, and everything else that makes October 31 such a blast. So if you're curious to see how Gilmore Girls can help you prepare to have the best Halloween ever, take a look at the nine episodes in the list below.


“21 Is The Loneliest Number”

The only true Halloween episode Gilmore Girls ever did, this one has such gems as Babette and Morey's spooky yard decorations and Lorelai's plan to pull sausage link intestines out of Luke!


“Kiss And Tell”

Fall is all over the place in this episode, which includes more autumn decorations than you can shake a pumpkin at along with Rory and Lane dressed as pilgrims.


“Hay Bale Maze”

Sure, this episode revolves around a spring festival, but who sets up a hay bale maze in the spring (cough, Taylor, cough)? Hay bale mazes are a Halloween staple, and so is this episode.


“Pulp Friction”

This is the closest thing to a Halloween costume party on Gilmore Girls, and while it doesn't technically have anything to do with the holiday (it's a Quentin Tarantino party), the costumes are a lot of fun — and even gory in some cases.


“Teach Me Tonight”

Kirk's short film that's screened in this episode isn't meant to be scary, but the black and white footage and noir lighting give it a seriously Hitchcockian vibe.


“That's What You Get, Folks, For Makin' Whoopee”

Another non-Halloween party that fits the holiday to a T. Not only does Lorelei's Asian-themed party feature costumes, it also has some very interesting (and delicious sounding) candy choices.


“To Live And Let Diorama”

Taylor's walk-through diorama about the history of Stars Hollow plays more like a haunted house than a museum exhibit, as it seems like those dead-eyed mannequins could come to life at any moment.


“We’ve Got Magic To Do”

This episode features both costumes and scares, thanks to Rory's WWII fundraiser and Kirk's terrifying mime performance. Shudder.


'A Year In The Life' - “Fall”

The final installment in Gilmore Girls' four-part revival is titled "Fall," so obviously it has serious fall vibes, but it also represents Halloween as well thanks to the spooky and surreal nighttime shenanigans of the Life and Death Brigade.

Gilmore Girls may not be the first show you think of when it comes to Halloween viewing, but as you can see from this list, the series offers plenty of episodes that will put you in the Halloween spirit.