These Girl Scout Cookie Cocktail Recipes Are A+

Wine and Glue

Girl Scouts Cookies might be some of the best things humans have ever created. And now that you are (sort of) a real life grown-up, it is time to indulge in Girl Scout Cookie cocktails. These include boozy drinks that have actual Girl Scout Cookies in them, and cocktails inspired by them. Basically, it is one of the best ways to honor these mouthwatering sweets.

By themselves, Girl Scout Cookies have a crazy loyal following. We can thank the exclusive “limited edition” nature for that. After all, these treats are only available during Girl Scout Cookie season in early February. But since the love is so real, other companies have launched products inspired by these wonderful treats. I mean, Nesquick Girl Scout Cookie-flavored milk, Girl Scout Cookie cereal, and Girl Scout Cookie baking mixes all exist. Win.

It only makes sense to add delicious cocktail recipes to the list. The best part? You can learn how to order Girl Scout Cookies even if you do not know a Girl Scout. There is even a Girl Scout Cookie locator app that will help you out. Once you stock up on a pantry full of treats (and if you're over 21!), make one (or all) of these crazy good drinks. Homemade happy hour has never looked so good.

Boozy Thin Mint Milkshake

For a refreshing drink, make this thin mint alcoholic milkshake by Freutcake. Extra points for fresh mint and a dollop of chocolate syrup.

Samoa Martini
Wine and Glue

Coconut vodka, caramel sauce, and chocolate come together in this luscious martini by Wine and Glue. And if you don't add crumbled samoa cookies on top? You're doing it wrong.

Tagalong Bourbon Shake
Pass the Sushi

This beauty of a milkshake calls for talgalong cookies, bourbon, peanut butter ice cream, salt. Yes please. Find the brilliant recipe at Pass The Sushi.

Thin Mint-Oreo Bailey's Irish Cream Milkshake
Sweet Recipeas

Take it up a notch by bringing in a second cookie. Thin Mint and Oreos come together in this recipe by Sweet Recipeas. How's that for sinfully good?

Spiked Do-Si-Do Milkshake
Serious Eats

There's rum, nutmeg, and Girl Scouts cookies in this one by Serious Eats. It also calls for smooth peanut butter and vanilla ice cream. Are you drooling yet? I bet it would be amazing with almond butter, too.

Thin Mint Cookie Cocktail
The Kitchn

Alcoholic Girl Scouts drinks don't have to be all about milkshakes. This Thin Mint-inspired cocktail by The Kitchn is made with liqueur, vodka, and coffee bitters.

Boozy Samoa Latte
Real Housemoms

Why stop at shakes and martinis? Real Housemoms made this amazing boozy latte inspired by the one and only samoa cookie. Don't forget that crumb topping, people.

Samoa Girl Scout Cookie Shots
Kelly Bakes

Thanks to the caramel vodka and toasted sweetened coconut, your taste buds will have quite the party. Check out the tutorial at Kelly Bakes for this crowd-friendly recipe.

Thin Mint Shooters
Ready to Yumble

If Thin Mints are more your style, make these shooters by Ready To Yumble. Also, can we just talk about that cookie-covered rim?