These Are The Gross Habits That Everyone Has, But Will Never Admit

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Whether it's clipping your toenails in bed or picking your teeth and smelling it, there are some gross habits everyone has but no one talks about. On Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw called this "secret single behavior," or SSB, and I think that's actually a great way to describe it. For Carrie, it was eating saltine crackers covered in jelly while standing barefoot in her kitchen. For Charlotte, it was examining all of her facial pores every night with a magnifying mirror, and for Miranda it was slathering her hands with vaseline and tucking them into gardening gloves while she watched cooking shows.

While none of these things are gross, most people probably aren't busy telling their friends about how much time they spend examining their pores with a magnifying glass. But, maybe you should, because it's pretty likely that your besties also pee in the shower, go a week without washing their hair, and enjoy popping a good pimple. All of the gross stuff we like to watch on YouTube is evidence that people can't get enough of gross stuff. And you know what? We should embrace the gross! Because "gross" is really just a relative term, and I think it's time we reclaimed it.

These are some gross habits everyone has, even if they don't want to admit it.

Peeing In The Shower

If you say you've never peed in the shower, you are totally lying. While everyone probably doesn't pee in the shower every day, everyone has done it at some point. Fear not, my shower peeing friends — Shape magazine reported that a survey found that 80 percent of people admitted to peeing in the shower, so you're in good company.

Using Someone Else's Toothbrush

While dentists agree that it's pretty gross to use someone else's toothbrush, there's likely a time when you've forgotten yours and a friend, parent, or partner has loaned you theirs. Hey, you're still alive, so don't lose too much sleep over this gross habit.

Eating Food Off Of The Floor

If everyone didn't do this, the five-second rule wouldn't exist. Admit it, there's been a time or two when you dropped that last cookie on the floor, screamed in horror, and then ate it anyway. It's OK, everyone does it.

Clipping Your Toenails Somewhere Inappropriate

While it's not clear where the most appropriate place is to clip your toenails (over the toilet, maybe?), most people can agree that it's not in bed, at the dining room or kitchen table, or on the couch. OK, now raise your hand if you've clipped your toenails in one of these places. Mmhmm, that's what I thought.

Picking Your Nose

Literally every single person on the planet has done this because as a child nose-picking is a fascinating activity. However, most adults won't admit to picking their noses, even if they're caught red handed with a finger in a nostril at a traffic light. Let's be honest, sometimes you don't have a tissue but you still need to get that bat out of the cave. If you need more evidence, a lot of people on Reddit admit to picking their nose and eating it.

Farting In Public And Denying It

OK, let's get one thing straight. Everybody farts. It's not always the dog's fault when an epic stinker clears a room. However, humans are so riddled with fart shame that most people will never admit to being the one who let loose a silent but deadly fart, especially in public.

Not Washing Your Hands After Using The Bathroom

A study found that 95 percent of people don't wash their hands properly after using the bathroom, and some people don't wash their hands at all. Now, I'm not saying you forgo the hand washing every time, but maybe the Bachelor is on a quick commercial break and you don't want to miss the rose ceremony so you don't wash your hands. Hey, it happens. Because, priorities.

Not Washing Your Hair

OK, I'm going to go on the record and say that I don't think this is gross. And, washing your hair too much is actually not good for your strands. However, if you think it's gross and you're harboring secret shame because you only lather up once a week, I'm here to liberate you. While a survey found that 50 percent of women admitted to washing their hair every day, 50 percent of us have a close personal relationship with dry shampoo. Who are these people who have time to wash and style every day? I bet some of them aren't being truthful. Because, shame.

Not Changing Your Sheets For A LONG Time

If you don't remember the last time you changed your sheets, it's been too long. While you might lie when your BAE asks you when you last changed your sheets (yesterday, my love), a survey found that the average person doesn't swap out their sheets for 24 days. That's a lot of unwashed hair, boogers, and toenail clippings to lie around in.

If you really want to go down a gross AF rabbit hole — because who doesn't — this Reddit thread about the grossest things people do that no one knows about will be your jam. And, let's redefine "no one" here because they just told everyone on the internet. However, these confessions might make you feel a little less alone about your own secret gross habits.