9 "Gross" Things Everyone Does When They're Home Alone

Nothing's as freeing or relaxing as having a whole house (or apartment) to yourself — especially when you really truly let your hair down. It's a time to make lots of snacks, take off your pants, and kick back. And it's also a time to pee with the door open and watch Netflix from the toilet. Being home alone means being kind of gross. And you know what? That's totally OK.

In fact, I'd go so far as to say there really is no such thing as a "gross" habit when you're home alone. No one remains as put together, or as polite, or as clean as they appear to be in public, and that's what makes "me" time so great. Being alone also means being your truest self and letting society's rules about what's "gross" fall away.

So go ahead and indulge, and know that you're not the only one. "I think everyone thinks their personal life is 'weird' or 'gross,' but the truth is pretty much everyones does bizarre things when they're home alone," professional certified life coach Laura Westman, PCC, ACCC tells Bustle. "Whether it's dancing around with no pants on, or eating snacks in bed, we're all a little bit 'gross.' And that's OK!" Read one for some other habits that may seem disgusting, but are actually totally normal.

1. Snacking Whilst In Bed

While your bed should technically be for sleep and sex — all in the name of good sleep hygiene — it's totally OK to eat there, too. After all, how you spend your alone time is completely up to you. "Being at home alone is freeing," says Westman. "At home, by ourselves, we are free from the judgments of others and get to do what we need to do to recharge." If that means eating in your bed and sleeping in crumbs, so be it.

2. Watching Netflix From The Bathroom

Have you ever caught up on your favorite shows while going to the bathroom? If so, you're not alone. And you're certainly not gross. "Weird and gross are judgments that we put on normal behavior because of our social conditioning," Westman says. In other words, it's only "gross" if you say it is.

3. Grooming Yourself With Reckless Abandon

OK, be honest. Have you ever clipped your nails in the living room? If so, you might think of yourself as a total heathen. But trust me — you're not. "Since clipping nails is not considered good etiquette in public, someone may feel it is a strange thing to not do it in their bathroom," says speaker and spiritual counselor Davida Rappaport. "If you are at home, you can pretty much do what you want ... without feeling guilty."

4. Peeing With The Door Open

If you're home alone, there's obviously no need to close the bathroom door while peeing. And yet Rappaport tells me many people think this is "gross." Same goes for other open-door bathroom activities, like showering — even though it makes a lot of sense. If you want to keep that mirror condensation to a minimum, for example, then you should do whatever you please.

5. Tasting Food While You Cook

Lots of professional cooks lick spoons and taste foods while cooking, and yet this might strike some people as kinda gross. If your roommates will be eating the same food, you might want to avoid this habit and keep things germ-free. But if you live alone or are only cooking for yourself, Rappaport tells me it's perfectly fine to taste away.

6. Really Scratching That Itch

Most of us wouldn't go to town scratching an itch while in public, but the same can't be said when home alone. "Many people like to scratch an itch without thinking about where they are scratching," Rappaport says. "This includes scratching their crotches, bottoms, and other body parts that may be considered inappropriate in public. At home, scratch anywhere you want; no one will judge you."

7. Eating With Your Fingers

If you've ever used your fingers as utensils, you're in good company. As Westmen tells me, this is yet another "gross" thing people do. And yet, it's not hurting anyone.

8. Picking Your Nose

I highly doubt you pick your nose in public, but I think we can all admit it's a total free-for-all when home alone. And you know what? No one cares. While picking your nose may not be the healthiest habit, the only reason we feel embarrassed about it is because of social conditioning. "It becomes automatic to hide things or pretend like we don't do them simply because it's how we learned to be acceptable or to fit in, to be good enough, to be impressive," Westman says. When you're alone, all that goes out the window.

9. Not Washing Your Hands

If you wash your hands after using the bathroom at home, you might be in a small minority — though I don't have any data to back it up. Westman tells me it may be a bit gross, but not washing your hands is just another "small act of rebellion" many people do when home alone.

Which is, of course, the best thing about having some "me" time in your own domain. Do you want to snack in bed? Or run around in your underwear? Then go ahead and do it. Not only is it healthy, but it's also entirely normal.

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