9 Instagram Backdrop Ideas That Will Make Your Photos Pop

by Syeda Khaula Saad
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There are so many factors that go into a great Instagram post: the outfit, the pose, the filter. But before you can even get all that down, there's one essential piece that ties not just your photo together, but your whole feed: the backdrop. Now, you probably don't want every single picture to have the same background. But whenever you post an at-home selfie or #ootd, Instagram backdrop ideas can really help your photos pop.

The type of background you want for your post can depend on the type of Instagram theme you're trying to channel. Are you into nature? Do you prefer solid backgrounds? Do you like busy works of art? Once you figure out the kind of vibe you're going for, you can use that to determine the colors and patterns that might go into the backdrop you want to use for your photos.

The kinds of photos you post can clue you in on the best options as well. If you like posting pictures of your funky and loud fashion sense, you don't want a background that'll conflict with the main focal point of the photo. And in a similar way, if you're used to wearing more muted colors, it might be a good idea to give your photos a fun background. Either way, the choice is yours.

Here are nine backdrop ideas that are sure to get your Instagram photos on-point.


Solid-Colored Walls

A backdrop doesn't necessarily have to be busy or have a lot of patterns. Sometimes, a really good, consistent backdrop comes in the form of a solid-colored wall. Whether it's a bright color like a yellow, pink or red, or something more toned down like a gray or white, a solid wall is a nice way to showcase an exciting #ootd. And even if you're not someone who's into loud and creative clothing, a solid-colored wall helps you stay consistent on your feed and play with color gradients. Plus, it doesn't hurt that almost anything goes with it. You don't have to worry about clashing!


String Lights

Nothing gives a room a more magical ambiance than string lights. So why not apply that same logic to your Instagram posts? You can find any wall or flat surface in your home and buy fairy lights (which can be super cheap) to hang up. The fairy lights will create a whimsical and enchanting feel to any photoshoot. And if you use them as a backdrop for a place that already gets good sunlight, you can really play up your editing and make for a fun, stunning picture.



Natural light and greenery? Sounds like a win-win. Sometimes the leaves of a tree or bush can serve as a really creative backdrop for your pictures. If you're really into taking photos that have a more earthy feel, this is definitely a great way to achieve this. And the best part is, you don't even have to buy anything. You could use trees in your yard, on your street, or at a park — the choices are endless. And this also means that you can keep a consistent theme of using leaves as a backdrop without ever repeating the exact same greenery again. Your Instagram posts will have just the natural look you're going for without you ever having to settle for repetition.



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We all had one hanging on our dorm-room walls in college, because when it comes down to it, tapestries are super pretty — and they just might be the next perfect backdrop for your Instagram posts. They usually come in beautiful different patterns that focus on paisley and circular prints, and they can make a great backdrop for your next selfie. Plus, tapestries are generally pretty affordable and they won't go to waste — when they're not being used as your photoshoot background, they can be used as a cute bedroom decoration (just like in the dorms!)


Brick Walls

If there's a brick wall on the side of your house or even somewhere on your block, you can use it as a backdrop for your Instagram posts. Brick walls are a great way to create a more sultry or rustic look to your photos. Brick goes well with a lot of colors, so the outfit possibilities are endless. And it's easy to stay on theme without having it be too distracting. Even if you can't find a brick wall near you, you can easily find a brick wall backdrop online for cheap. Either way, you're looking at a crisp-looking feed and a really cool photo.


Antique Doors

If you know of any really old, antique doors either in your home or somewhere in your neighborhood, these can also be a fun option for photo backdrops. This is especially true for full-body shots or photos of outfits. Using an antique or cool-looking door in the background of your photos can help give your posts and overall feed a more artistic feel. Plus, imagine all the punny captions you can have using knock-knock jokes.



Take it a step up from scarves and use any funky bedsheets you might have as the backdrop to your next photo. Because they are typically larger, you can hang your bedsheets up against a wall and take more wide-shots without worrying about getting your wall in the background of your photo. On top of that, a plain white bedsheet can be especially helpful if you're used to posting a lot of products that need to be easily-readable against a surface.

Whatever theme you want to go for, you never have to worry about spending too much money or putting in too much work. Fun and beautiful backdrops can be wherever you look. It's all about being creative.


Patterned Scarves

If you want a backdrop that's more fun and playful, you can make a backdrop off of any patterned scarves you have around at home (or buy for cheap at a fabric store). By hanging up the scarves against a wall using velcro or fabric tape, you can transform your old wall into a beautiful new background. And if you have multiple different-patterned scarves, you can constantly switch it up in your photos. This is a great choice if you like taking photos with more subtle outfits or want to show off a great product.



Nothing says crisp and clean like a shiny marble background, which can be a great choice if you want to show off a fancy meal or even just a chic outfit. And lucky for you, you might not even have to go far to find some marble. If you have kitchen (or even bathroom) tiles that have a shiny look to them, they can serve as a backdrop. With a few edits and lighting adjustments, no one will even guess you're snapping photos right at home.

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