9 Internal Vibrators To Try If You're New To Sex Toys

Courtesy of Tenga/Lelo

There are a lot of sex toys out there. So if you are someone who has never ventured into the wild array of them, you might feel a little intimidated at the prospect of trying things out for the first time. That's OK! Which toys might be for you all depends on what you like, and if you aren't totally sure, that's cool, too. If you have a suspicion or a certainty that you want to try some toys and vibrations to put inside the vagina, some straight-forward internal sex toys for beginners are the way to start.

Jamie J. LeClaire, a sexologist and sex and relationship educator in Philadelphia, says their own experiences with sex-toy purchases have gone a little haywire before, but that's part of the learning curve, so they have some basic rules to live by: body-safe only (meaning toys made of non-porous silicone, glass, wood, and stainless steel), get yourself a good water-based lube, and last but certainly not least, make sure you check the size and dimensions when purchasing something online.

"I once purchased vibrating anal beads that looked no larger than my finger and it ended up being larger than my head, needless to say, that’s still in storage," LeClaire says. See, we all begin somewhere!

Below, look at some suggestions for some internal vibrators that might be fun for you to explore as a toy newbie.

Pave Vivian

While there's still some debates about the existence of the G-spot, the Pave Vivan G-spot vibrator is worth a try anyway. It's a rather beautiful shade of blue now, isn't it? This is a silicone and silky feeling wand-massager that is insertable, and has seven types of vibration and five different speeds. This is a pretty general variety of insertable, shaft-like vibrator.

Somewhat hilariously, the push button at the end, which controls the speeds and vibrational choices, is encrusted with (fake) diamonds, so you will probably feel pretty freakin' luxe while you're getting off.

A very straightforward tool you can use internally or externally.

Tenga Iroha Zen

This may look a little unusual with all those ridges, but Tenga makes beautifully crafted toys that are all about relaxing and easing into your sexual pleasure. The Iroha Zen is silicone with "rows of flexible pleats" and an easy-to-manage handle.

This is another one that's very simple to use, but at the same time, offers a variety of sensations because of the unusual design. As for the motions it offers, you click through the button control for three settings and one pulse pattern. Enjoy, my friends!

The Cayona

This is a particularly good one if you want something totally insertable, but are not down with all the toys looking so freakin' phallic all the time. It's got "delicate curves" is very flexible, and it has a whoppin' 12 different vibrations.

The Cayona offers insertion as well as clitoral stimulation, so it's perfect if you are looking for both at once!

While yes, it's a little on the pricey side, it might be worth the investment if you are looking for something that's a little more unusual and special.

Tenga Iroha Yuki

Here is another one that does something innovative and is rather beautiful with its shape that doesn't resemble the same old shaft situation.

The Tenga Iroha Yuki is created, as the manufacturer's describe, as a "snowman-shaped rechargeable clitoral vibrator with a semi-insertable tip and a uniquely squishy feel."

Tenga as a brand also uses an anti-dust coating to protect your little snowman from collecting any unwanted dirt.

This piece has three vibration intensities and one rhythmic pattern, all controlled via its simple two-button control situation. The Iroha Yuki is wonderfully gentle for the body and really easy to use!

Lelo Gigi 2

With the Gigi 2 from Lelo, what we've got here is an upgrade on a wildly popular and bestselling G-spot vibrator. It's a classic at this point!

This one has a bit of power to the ol' engine, so to speak, and it also has eight different patterns for vibration. So if you are someone who knows that they like to have a little more force with your sexual pleasure, this could be a really great option for you.

Sportsheets Peace Vibe With Poseable Ears

Now, this might be another one if you want to go all in from the get-go, The Peace Vibe is "a truly unique vibrator." It is a dual-motor piece that just so happens to have two wildly flexible ears, which are great if you are an adventurer and really want to get in touch with your anatomy, or if you simply want to have options while you figure out what you like.

The ears can bend in any direction into a wide variety of shapes, to make it a lot easier and more fun, and heck, more filled with infinite sexual possibilities, because you deserve that.

Tenga Iroha Rin

Yes, another one from Tenga, because these people know what they are doing! The Iroha Rin is a very, very special kind of insertable vibrator that is particularly good if you want to go a little gentler as you explore out what your favorite internal spots are.

"Just as our bodies are all different, so are our senses of pleasure," the description reads. This toy was created specifically with discovery in mind, for both external vibrations and insertable motion.

The tip is spherical and soft, and the length makes different depths of insertion possible for your comfort and enjoyment.

Femme Fun Diamond Wand

The Femme Fun Diamond Wand is another one if you are interested in trying a variety of different speeds while you get the hang of your toy, because it has 21 options.

While that might seem overwhelming, it's actually very easy to use both internally and externally, and is simply controlled by a button. Not to mention, it's sold on being quiet, so you don't have to worry about your roommate hearing what's going on when you "take a nap."

Maude Vibe

Simply a powerful, no BS personal massager that is as easy to use as it is effective in feeling really great. The Maude vibe is made with premium silicone, three speeds, and 2.5 hours of go time.

It's what you see is what you get with this vibe, but what you get is pretty darn good. Doesn't hurt that it comes with a pretty cute travel pouch, too!

Now, at the end of the day, figuring out what kinds of toys you like is a very personal journey. But it's a pretty fun one to play around with, you know?