9 Kylo Ren & Rey Relationship Clues From 'The Force Awakens' You Probably Missed

Before Star Wars: The Last Jedi gave fans Force Skype and hand holding, Kylo Ren and Rey shared a special bond in The Force Awakens. It might not have inspired a wave of Reylo shippers, but there are plenty of Kylo and Rey relationship clues from The Force Awakens that only add to their relationship in the recently released sequel. Whether you're a Reylo shipper or a staunch believer that Rey and Kylo are siblings, you can't deny that The Force Awakens hints heavily at a relationship far deeper than the simplistic villain vs. hero dynamic.

The Force connection between Rey and Kylo explored in The Last Jedi certainly sets a path for a potential romantic relationship, but looking back at The Force Awakens, it's clear that the foundation for Reylo was already there. From their very first meeting face to face on Takodana, it's been made obvious that Rey and Kylo have a unique connection. The nature of that connection — be it romantic or familial — has yet to be determined, but anyone insisting that Rey and Kylo don't have something extra going on beyond the hero vs. villain relationship are in some serious denial. Either that, or they missed these key Rey and Kylo relationship clues from The Force Awakens.


"What Girl"

When Kylo first hears that there's a "girl" running around Jakku with Finn and BB-8 in TFA, he freaks out even though he doesn't know anything about her. His dramatic reaction rose suspicions among fans who have since theorized that Kylo knew Rey before they met in the film.


"The Girl I've Heard So Much About"

Kylo and Rey's first official meeting on Takodana in TFA is full of weird tension, mostly because Kylo acts as if he knows Rey already. Putting aside the theory that Kylo knew Rey before, it's clear from this meeting that he has a fascination with her that exceeds seeing her as a way to find BB-8. Is it love? Is it attraction? Is it devious? Who knows — the point is, it exists.


The Interrogation

The interrogation scene between Kylo and Rey in TFA is full of so much tension, it's hard to know where to begin. The push and pull between them is probably one of the most sexually charged moments in the history of Star Wars.


The Helmet Removal

What makes the interrogation so sexy? Well, firstly, there's the dramatic helmet removal that reveals Kylo Ren's luscious head of hair. It's truly a breathtaking moment in cinema. One that forced many in the audience to come to grips with the fact that they're pretty damn attracted to the Dark Side.


"Don't Be Afraid. I Feel It Too."

Reylo shippers, assemble and analyze this crazy, insane, personal line! Kylo tells Rey not to be afraid and "I feel it too" during their interrogation scene, and it's both threatening and intimate at the same time. Could this be the birth of their Force bond? What exactly are they feeling that should comfort them? A sense of family, perhaps, or an innate bond they can't explain — one that could be evidence of a family relation or romantic potential.


Rey's Resistance

Another moment that points strongly in the direction of a Reylo relationship is when Rey turns the tables on Kylo, suddenly seeing into his mind instead. "You're afraid," she tells him. It's a stunning moment, not just because it shows how strong Rey is with the Force, but also because it puts Kylo and Rey on a level playing field (almost). And, if they're equals, then they can have a romantic relationship worthy of the Star Wars universe.


"She Is Strong With The Force"

Kylo might have just been saying this to Supreme Leader Snoke as a way to excuse his inability to get the map to Luke out of Rey's head, but the way he said it also made it sound like he was impressed. What relationship isn't based on a bit of admiration?


The Lightsaber Fight

The lightsaber fight between Rey and Kylo at the end of The Force Awakens is, hands down, the most sexually charged lightsaber fight ever to be featured in a Star Wars movie.


The Offer

Kylo just wants to take Rey under his wing to teach her about the Force and it's so pure... if you look beyond the fact that he definitely wants to turn her to the Dark Side. Still, offering to show a girl "the ways of the Force" is a hell of a first date proposition, if you ask me.

Most of these clues hint to a possible romantic relationship between Rey and Kylo, but a lot of them can also be interpreted as demonstrating a familial bond or just a kind of mutual Force respect. No matter how you interpret the Reylo interactions of The Force Awakens (and even The Last Jedi), one thing is clear: Rey and Kylo have a strong connection. The nature of that connection, well, hopefully that will become more clear in Episode IX.