9 Meditations That Will Help You Keep Your Cool During This Confusing Libra Season

Virgo season helped us transition out of vacation mode and gave us the focus and drive to weather the early fall and all of the responsibilities that came with it. But now that we're grooving in work-mode, I think we can all agree that a change of pace would be much appreciated. Libra season is on the horizon, and with it will come so many changes that you might want to ready yourself with some mediations for Libra season. Yes, the change of tone from Virgo to Libra is intense. We're pulled from a place of isolation and professionalism to a very alluring a place of social engagements and romantic encounters and a lot of other activities that involve being out of the house, out of the office, having fun.

But while the Libra season will certainly make our lives more exciting, socially, at least, they will also add a lot of obstacles and potential stressors that might throw us off balance if we're not careful. Bustle talked astrologer Linda Furiate about the Libra season to help get a better idea of what's in store for us, spiritually. According to Furiate, this time span "offers nature and mankind renewal and reflection." So while we might feel the urge to take on every single social engagement and opportunity we're presented with, we'll also experience a desire to balance out the energy with some time for reflection. "When the Sun is in Libra, this is often a time when compromise is more possible. We are often more willing to listen and to hear the needs of our partner. We may choose to put our partner's needs before our own to keep the peace and to show that we care," Furiate adds, going on to say that it's important to make sure that we find a way to communicate our feelings in a meaning way, while making plenty of room for our partner's feelings, too.

As far as complications go, Furiate suggests that we focus our frustrations inward. Instead of worrying about the behaviors of others, we should spend some time thinking about our own involvement in our issues. "Are you coming on too strong? Are you avoiding an issue? Or are you quite fearful of rocking the boat so you give up your own power and desires?" Furiate encourages us to ask ourselves. Below, I've rounded up a few mediations to help us explore these feelings in a meaningful way that's geared toward the Libra-inspired season. Take a few minutes, whenever you can, to turn your focus inward and follow one of these guided meditations and ensure yourself a healthy and happy Libra season ... that's also fun.

Relationship Healing Meditation

If the Libra season inspires you to work on your relationships, this mediation will act a the perfect guide to get you there. Plus, it will help you work on your relationship with yourself, getting you to a hypnotic and peaceful state.

Vibration Meditation Music

This vibration-forward mediation music was composed with Libra in mind. Enjoy over an hour of sounds and frequencies that will inspire a deeply transformative meditative experience.

Chakra Cleanse Meditation

If you need help ridding your life of things that no longer serve you, this guided mediation will help you create distance both physically and mentally.

Self Growth & Development Meditation

Libra season is an important time for personal development, whether you're a Libra or not. This guided mediation will give you the tools you need to move forward and get inspired to grow.

Libra Zodiac Path Meditation

This intense binary guided mediation will capture your attention on even your most distracted day. A series of sounds and vibrations will keep you focused while you reflect on recent events, all the while keeping you calm peaceful.

Healing Libra Mediation

This Libra-inspired mediation music will lead you to your thoughts. Get in a comfortable position and listen to this peaceful folk music and let your mind wander.

Libra Tarot Reading

If you need some help locating your feelings, this Libra tarot reading will help you center your thoughts and inspire your own mediation.

Deep Positive Sleep Guided Mediation

If all of the excitement going on this month has made it hard for you to unwind at the end of the day, listen to this guided sleep mediation and trust me, you'll pass out in no time. It's over four hours long and will mute the chaos in your mind, no matter how wound up you are.

Libra Full Moon Mediation

This uber-calming meditation was made for the September 24 full moon, but it's ability to get you to a zen state will last all month. Use this to slow down your, mind, get ready for bed, or even to get focused before a hectic day.