9 Mother’s Day 2018 Gift Ideas That Give Back

Hannah Burton/Bustle

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and unless you’re the type who’s got gift-giving on lock months in advance — and seriously, who is that person? — you might be scrambling a bit for great Mother's day 2018 gift ideas. And while it’s important to choose a gift that your mom will love, and that shows your appreciation for the fact that she, you know, gave you life, took care of you when you were sick, cleaned up after your dog, and is basically always there for you — your gift can do even more good by giving back in meaningful and important ways, too.

If your mom is passionate about causes and helping to make the world a better, healthier place, these gift ideas might help her feel extra great on her special day. And more good news? Your mom gets cool stuff while your purchase benefits others. The following gift ideas help empower girls, save the bees, employ local artisans, support animal rescue, and help make childbirth safer, while expressing your love, appreciation, and gratitude for your mom. What’s better than that? Here are nine ideas for showing your mom how much you care on Mother’s Day this year.

1A Spa Day Set

Her Spa Day Gift Set

One for Women

One For Women's luxurious gift sets, like Her Spa Day and Messages of Love, feature fragrant candles, face scrubs, and sweet little love notes that will delight your mom while giving back to a worthy cause. $1 from every Mother's Day gift set sold is donated to Every Mother Counts; a nonprofit dedicated to public education about maternal healthcare, "making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother," according to One For Women's website. Gift sets range from $48 to $68 each.

2A Cute Bracelet Or Necklace Charm

Altruette Honey Bee Charm


Altruette is a "classic jewelry maker with a humanitarian twist," according to the AHA website, and 50 percent of the net profits from this exceedingly adorable gold honey bee charm are donated to the Honey Bee Research Fund, which works to find solutions and answers to Colony Collapse Disorder, a problem threatening bee colonies across the United States.

3Comfy Shoes

Pine Heritage Women's Classics


Through their one-for-one giving program, "TOMS helps provide shoes, sight, water, safe birth, and bullying prevention services to people in need," according to their website. For every pair of shoes you buy, TOMS will give a brand new, made-to-order pair of shoes to children and teens via their giving partners throughout the world. Other giving programs include global initiatives for clean water, saving and improving eyesight, and safe birth programs. You can snag a pair of their classic canvas shoe for Mom — her feet will thank you.


Winnie Sunglasses

Warby Parker

With the Buy-a-Pair, Give-a-Pair program, Warby Parker has donated over 3 million pairs of glasses since their inception in 2010. Not only is a great charitable program at the heart of the Warby Parker business model, their glasses and sunglasses are super stylish. And with their five-days five-frames free trial program, your mom can pick her favorite pair for a perfect fit from her comfy couch. Sunglasses start at $95.

5A Cozy Throw

Aziza Morrocan Throw Blanket

Raven & Lily

These beautiful lightweight cotton throw blankets are hand loomed by artisans based out of Marrakesh, and ten percent of all sales go to Project Soar, an after-school program for adolescent girls across Morocco. Project Soar provides leadership training, life skills, self-empowerment programs, and educational support, and according to their website, Project Soar's mission is to "empower teenage girls in the developing world," helping to keep girls in school and prepare them for successful futures.

6A Treat-Yourself Subscription Box

Mother's Day Gift Box Bundle

Love Goodly

Love Goodly is upping the subscription box game with their consciously curated, eco-friendly, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and vegan skin care products. Each month's box features opulent natural skin care, cosmetics, and lifestyle products, and a portion of the proceeds from each box are donated to different charities including Farm Sanctuary, and the Beagle Freedom Project — now named the Rescue + Freedom Project. The Mother's Day Gift Box Bundle includes organic mascara, an antioxidant complex serum, and Delia Organics nail and cuticle oil. Renewing subscription boxes start at $29.95 per month.


Mother's Day Gratitude Gift Set

Rescue Chocolate

Rescue Chocolate took the two best things in the wide world — chocolate and dogs — and created a company model that benefits animal rescue while offering scrumptious chocolates like Bananas Foster Dogs, Forever Mocha, and Cookies 'n Cream bars. Their Mother's Day Gratitude Gift Set includes white chocolate truffles, their signature peppermint bars, and two Mission Feral Fig bars.


Personalized Rectangle Bracelet

The Shine Project

Offering an array of gorgeous baubles and gems, each purchase from The Shine Project helps fund college for first generation college students in financial need. Lovely Mothers Day Special Jewelry pieces are available for $29.99, and you can also sponsor a student via financial donations — 100 percent of the proceeds from your financial gift go towards scholarships, college costs, and educational support.

9Make A Charitable Donation In Her Name

Charitable Donation

National Network To End Domestic Violence

For the humanitarian mom who has everything, and would prefer a charitable gift given in her name, NNEDV is a leader in the effort to end domestic violence at state, national, and international levels via multiple cross-sector collaborations. NNEDV's aim is to create a "social, political, and economic environment in which violence against women no longer exists," according to their website. In honor of your mom this year, you can give a charitable contribution to NNEDV here.

No matter the cause dearest to your mom's heart — whether that be animal rescue, saving the bees, helping to end domestic violence, or all of the above — socially conscious gift giving has never been easier. And not only can you feel great about lavishing your mom with gifts that give back, she gets the satisfaction of knowing that her gift, while a pleasure to receive, is helping others, too.