9 Unexpected Ways To Include Glitter In Your New Year's Eve Look

If you're someone who can't get enough glitter, there's a good chance that the holidays are your favorite time of year. While Christmas may be over and your changes to rock sparkle may be dwindling, never fear. These 9 unexpected glitter looks for New Year's Eve will take your outfit to the next level, and give you yet another chance to rock glitter like a champ — though, let's be real, you should rock it whenever you want and where ever you want.

Thankfully, there's no shortage of inspo on how to incorporate glitter into your look. Whether its via your makeup, your accessories, or your clothing, glitter can be an integral part of your ensemble — or it could just be everywhere.

Of course, there's always your frock, jumpsuit, or other sartorial situation. Clearly, that's the easiest course to take when it comes to shining like the Times Square ball on Dec. 31 at midnight. Whether you're looking for the perfect plus size holiday dress or something that's over the top, it totally exists.

However, there are other, creative ways to add shine. From glitter freckles to glitter shoes, the world is your shiny oyster for New Year's Eve style. And you're going to crush it with these unexpected glitter looks.

1. Glitter Freckles

If you've ever been to a festival, you've probably seen glitter freckles. They're kind of perfect to rock at a festival without being appropriative. But they're not just great for that outdoor concert. They're a cute way to add more glitter to your life for New Year's Eve.

BeautyMarks The New Makeup Freckles, $14, Mr. Kate

In his video showing how to craft glitter freckles, James Charles uses the adhesive ones from Mr. Kate, but there are other ways to create the look.

YouTuber Sharon Dubois, however, uses Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner to achieve her look, and it's equally as stunning.

2. Glitter Lips

Want something quick and easy to get your glitter on? Tati Westbrook walks you through all of Ciate's Glitter Flip lipsticks. These liquid lips go on sans glitter, but once activated by pursing your lips together become instantly glittery. It's basically magic.

Ciaté London Glitter Flip, $19, Sephora

If, however, you want a DIY glitter lip, you can get one. Just check out NikkieTutorials gorgeous red look.

Super glam, right?

3. Tinsel Highlights

Makeup isn't the only way to add a bit of glittering shine to your New Year's Eve look. This DIY Tinsel hair is basically holographic goals, and it's super simple. With only three supplies needed, it's easy to do but packs a gorgeously glittering punch.

4. Glitter Roots

If you weren't able to head to Coachella this year, you can still take advantage of one of the biggest trends of festival season: glitter roots. This ultra-fun, super festive look isn't just sparkly but customizable. From purple stars to classic golden glitter, the sky is the limit on how you want to rock this.

5. Glitter Shoes

If you're up for some serious DIY, these glitter bottom shoes could just be the perfect way to work in some shine. With only a few things needed and some extra time, it could be a great way for your friends to have a little pre-NYE craft party.

6. Glitter Brows

A glitter lid is what most would expect for a New Year's Eve look — and they are great —, but what about a glitter brow? This GiGi Hadid inspired glitter brow is subtle yet sparkly.

7. Tinsel Lashes

If going above and beyond is your thing, the tinsel lash extension trend from the holiday is next level. Artist CoolGirlsWearMugler on Instagram used snippets of thicker tinsel from children's hair ties and attached it to her lash line. The result if a festive and gorgeous lash line everyone will love.

8. Glitter Highlighter

If you love glitter, you probably love highlighter. Why not combine the two? This glitter highlighter look is perfect for New Year's Eve and allows you to use two products you love at the same time.

9. Glitter Undereyes

Who says glitter is just for your lids? Glitter concealer or inverted glitter makeup is so fun and festive.

If you can't get enough glitter in your life or just want to be extra festive for New Year's Eve, these unexpected way to add some sparkle to your look are perfect. Go all out with glitter roots or keep things subtle with glitter heels. No matter what, you'll look fab as you shine the night away in your glittery garb.