9 Of The Best Supermarket Summer Sandals To Pick Up During Your Weekly Food Shop


If you haven't yet figured this out for yourself, let me you into a secret: supermarket fashion is super underrated. The last thing you may think of doing when hitting the aisles for your weekly shop is searching for your next wardrobe essential. But, if you're not, you're definitely missing out. Holiday season has brought a bunch of sun-ready designs to supermarket shelves. So here are the best supermarket summer sandals to wear both at home and abroad.

George at Asda, Sainsbury's Tu, and Tesco's F&F are the three biggest contenders in the market. But no matter which supermarket clothing range you opt for, you're guaranteed to find affordable, good quality pieces that will quickly become your go-to look.

Sandal-wise, there's a lot to choose from. Do you want simple? Or a colour that screams "look at me" like red, orange, or even a neon hue? How about an animal print? Supermarkets have zebra, leopard, and snake on offer. When it comes to soles, are you yearning for an espadrille, wedge, or teeny tiny heel? You've even got a choice of buckles. Will it be rectangular or circular?

Below is just a few of the top class sandals styles to peruse the next time you step inside a supermarket. And if you're more of an online shopper, you can do that too.

Sandals aren't the only thing supermarket brands are excelling in. There's wedding guest looks and even a workout outfit or two. So get busy.