11 Royal Wedding-Inspired Ideas You Can Steal From Meghan Markle For Your Own Ceremony

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The big day is nearly here — Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding is only three months away, and I'm so excited I could cry. I've been following news about the royal wedding obsessively, even though I'm done with wedding planning. If I was still engaged, I'd definitely be looking to the world's favorite couple for inspo and stealing all the wedding tips I could from Markle. Even though my wedding budget pales in comparison to Markle's — Prince William and Duchess Kate spent nearly $40 million on their wedding, according to CBS — there are little details that are easy for any soon-to-be-bride to recreate.

Markle isn't exactly an average American marrying into the British Royal Family. She has an accomplished acting career and was already known in Hollywood before falling in love with the prince, but she's still in for a major change of pace once she becomes royalty. It makes sense that a lot of her wedding planning seems to be pretty low-key and sensible compared to the lavish extravaganzas we're used to seeing from the royals. If you're getting married soon or just daydreaming about planning a wedding, Markle's wedding style is pretty easy to copy. Here are a few of my favorite things expected to be spotted at the royal wedding that won't cost you an arm and a leg.


Opting For A Unique Cake Flavor

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Prince Harry and Markle may opt for a banana-flavored cake, according to The Telegraph, which may not sound super appealing, but it's much more exciting than a standard vanilla or chocolate cake. Change things up and offer something different at your reception.


Giving A Speech To Your Spouse

Markle may give a speech to Prince Harry, per The Telegraph, which would break royal protocol. If you don't want to have a formal speech, carving out time during the reception to toast your spouse is a way to recognize the love of your life without being too extra.


Keeping It Chill On Social Media

Per (unofficial) royal protocol, the soon-to-be married couple doesn't have personal social media accounts, so Markle deleted her Twitter and Instagram, which means she can't share her wedding preparation play-by-plays with the world. If you want to follow her lead, you can play coy and keep your followers guessing about your nuptials (admittedly, they'll likely care less than Markle's fans).


Carrying An All-White Bouquet

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Although some are speculating that Markle will break tradition and not have an all-white bouquet — the Daily Express speculates she'll opt for a colorful bunch of peonies — if she does follow tradition, she'll have mostly white flowers, which is a super easy trend to copy.


Wearing A Romantic Wedding Dress

In 2016, Glamour asked Markle about her dream wedding dress. Her response: "I have the luxury of wearing beautiful pieces of clothing every day for work, so my personal style — wedding or not — is very pared down and relaxed. Classic and simple is the name of the game, perhaps with a modern twist. I personally prefer wedding dresses that are whimsical or subtly romantic." Based on this, we know that her dreamy gown will likely be unique and romantic, so if you want to follow her lead, this may be a good way to do so.


Asking For Charitable Donations In Lieu Of Gifts

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Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton asked for charitable donations instead of gifts at their 2011 wedding, and Prince William and Markle are expected to do the same, per Hello! If you decide to ask for gifts, you can always donate to a charity in your honor of your guests and provide a donation card as a wedding favor.


Having A (Comparatively) Small Wedding

The average wedding in the U.S. has 120 people, and Markle is expected to host 800 at her ceremony. Yes, it's a lot of people, but consider that Prince William and Duchess Kate had 1,900 guests at their wedding. A small and intimate celebration with your closest friends and diplomatic allies is hard to beat.


Picking A Wedding Ring With Sentimental Value

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Although we haven't yet seen Markle's wedding band, we know it'll contain Welsh gold from Clogau St. David’s Mine, according to Brides. Every member of the royal family has worn wedding rings made with the gold since 1923. While you likely won't be able to afford Clogau gold, which is both incredibly expensive and rare, you may be able to find a metal that holds just as much meaning.


Having A Tiny Wedding Party

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Kate Middleton had her sister as a maid of honor, and Markle is expected to only choose one bridesmaid as well. As someone who had 10 bridesmaids, I commend this nod to minimalism, which will surely cause less stress in the long run.


Asking Guests To Dress In Fun Ways

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The hats we saw at Prince William and Duchess Kate's wedding weren't just a unanimous whimsical choice by wedding guests — women are required to wear hats at formal royal events, per BBC News. Your guests would probably be unhappy if you forced fascinators on them, but encouraging them to express their personality through outfit choices is an option.


Making Sure Your Wedding Reflects Your Personality

What's clear about Markle's wedding planning is that she isn't afraid to break tradition if it means staying true to the couple's respective personalities. Your wedding day is all about you and your partner, so don't be afraid to make unconventional decisions.