9 Times Gromit Was Relatable AF Because Let's Face It, He Is Basically You


Wallace and Gromit has always been one of my favourite animations. It's funny, it's so quintessentially British, and to be honest, is it just me or is Wallace and Gromit relatable AF? Real talk. I mean, pretty much everyone I is head-over-heels bonkers for the relationship between that human and his BFF dog.

Created by Aardman Animations, this British-as-tea-and-scones TV show is pretty much as iconic as you can get. Seriously, it was such a huge telly hit that it even ended up with movie spin-offs, like The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit and A Matter Of Loaf And Death.

But what is that makes Wallace and Gromit such a classic? Why, Wallace and Gromit of course. Both of them are flipping hilarious, and personally, I have a huge soft spot for Gromit. I mean, he may be a dog made out of dough, but he so gets me. If he were real, we'd definitely be BFFs. Sorry, Wallace.

I know what you're thinking; how can a character who never speaks hold such power? Easy. It's those facial expressions and his huffs and puffs. If Wallace is dad then Gromit is, at times, embarrassed child. And Lord knows we have all been one of those. Here is your list of Gromit's most relatable moments.

When He Gets A Little Frustrated

Family stress? Flatmates driving you cray? Work making you feel like your head might explode? Well, Gromit totally feels you here. He often feels the stress of cleaning up his best friend's messes and dealing with his frenemy, evil penguin Feathers McGraw. However, he finds ways to get through. Which brings me on to my next point...

Every Time He Uses Knitting To De-Stress

Knitting is not only creative and fun, but it is actually proven to be super good for you. Nobody knits as well as Gromit but, even the most inexperienced knitter can benefit from the hobby. Research undertaken by Knit For Peace found that knitting has countless benefits, including lowering blood pressure, reducing depression and anxiety, and is apparently as relaxing as yoga. Jeeze I gotta do a Gromit and get my knitting needles out ASAP.

All The Times He Looks Out For His Best Mate

Poor old Gromit does seem to spend a great deal of time bailing his best pal out, but that's what BFFs are for, right? Your ride or die is your everything, so you've gotta be there for them morning, noon, and night.

All The Times He Is A Great Listener

Being a good listener is hard work sometimes, but it really is vital. It is totally easy to empathise with Gromit and his excellent listening skills. Well, I guess listening is easier when you are a dog and can't talk.

All The Love Of Cheese

This pair are super well-known for loving on a bit of dairy goodness. They munch on cheese like there is no tomorrow. Yorkshire-made cheese Wensleydale being the preferred choice, and they have become so associated with the brand that they even appeared on some of the packaging. And who doesn't love a bit of cheese — am I right?

Having An Interest In Technology

As I cling to my laptop with my smartphone and e-reader within arms length, I can't help but think "thank eff for technology." OK, real talk, maybe the tech we all love isn't quite as out there as it is in the world of Wallace and Gromit, but I am totally here for a guy who can appreciate that sweet technology.

Not Being A Morning Person

Getting up early super sucks. Morning people, or as I refer to them, liars, are few and far between. I mean, at least I wake up to my phone alarm and not some crazy machine screaming in my ear. Oh actually, I guess that is some crazy machine screaming in my ear.

Enjoying Light Exercise, But Nothing Major

Look, we all know exercise is good for us, but sometimes, you just want a bit of light exercise that brings the LOLs with your pals — am I right? A stroll, a bike ride, a swim, or a chill game of footy. Much more pleasurable than a spin class. Gromit knows what's up.

When He Takes Some Me Time

Everyone knows that the most important thing in this hectic world is to take some time with your MVP, your true bae, your one and only, the person who will be with you until the day you die, yourself. Yes, the most important thing in life is to take some time to be alone and do the things that make you truly happy. Gromit is an expert at this and not only relatable but also an actual inspiration to us all.


Wallace and Gromit will long remain an iconic British TV show and one for all the family to enjoy. Just make sure you have cheese in the fridge when you put it on.